A Republic If You Can Keep it



As the ink was drying on the Founding documents of what we now know as the United States of America, a group of citizens asked the question, what type of government would the USA have. Would it be a monarchy which was the typical government in all of Europe at the time (for those people who even today wish USA was "more like Europe"), or would it be something new? Socialism perhaps like tried by Governor John Smith of that first English colony called Jamestown? We know, despite the desire to have a society working for the "common good", socialism is against human nature. Humans want to be free, so Smith's experiment failed and he resorted to institute a from of capitalism where the principle of "he that won't work, shall not eat" -- no more freeloading off producers by consumers. Everyone was given a plot of land and expected to sustain themselves by it, either by working it or trading goods and services. The American Way! -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He_who_does_not_work,_neither_shall_he_eat

But the new government in the USA would not be a monarchy nor a pre-communist state, instead it would be a Republic, not a 'democracy" as many politicians claim USA is today. And no, a Republic and a Democracy are NOT "basically the same thing". (see https://rodericke.com/demrep). The Republic that USA was founded to be was one where the individual citizen was supreme. The individual citizen could stand against the tyranny both of the politician and the mob because the individual citizen has his or her "rights" enumerated through the Bill of Rights -- not as something given to them by the government but as inalienable rights that exist with EVERY human by the nature of existence. Certainly, the authors of these documents may not have realized the full effect of what they had expounded, that these rights were not just for the white, male land-owner but for all people of both genders and of any color of skin. These were not even rights exclusive to U.S. citizens. They are human rights. To be sure, only citizens of the USA should expect their government and all officers of it to uphold and protect these rights. Non-citizens of the USA should declare their rights in their own countries, as the French tried to do in their various revolutions.

This Republic is not like the sham republics of some despotic leader such as North Korea. The American Republic was supposed to be one where the citizens could rise up at any moment and re-declare their rights to politicians who from time to time forget they are mere representatives and not rulers. This notion is not "insurrection" nor "sedition" but is the very principle baked into the founding of the USA. Thomas Jefferson remarked:

"And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -- https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/tree-liberty-qu...

Was he advocating insurrection or sedition? Have we kept our Republic? Most politicians in the USA don't even know or call the USA a republic anymore.

Instead, we are told to vote vote vote. The problem is, we aren't certain the voting is even fair anymore. All the talk talk talk by politicians of opposing this or that injustice is pointless. They are powerless. They are feckless donation whores who the moment they hear of refreshing the liberty tree, suddenly side with the very tyrants they call on us to expel. They chastise us and tell us we must be "civil" and that voting is the way we do it in the USA. And yet nothing really changes. What if instead, some group of brave politicians took Jefferson's words to heart. Instead of giving long speeches on the floor of Congress or standing moaning in front of a bank of microphones and cameras, these men and women called for the ouster of the tyrants. They called on generals and fellow politicians and citizens to refresh the liberty tree. Would that be insurrection and sedition? Against whom? Against people who claim to be upholding a government that is not even the type of government founded in the USA? How long has America been occupied by this foreign power that calls it a "democracy" rather than the Republic we were supposed to be keeping? Even now, you have politicians openly advocating for "democratic socialism" and we act like that is not a pledge to overthrow our government from within. What if instead, some brave politicians -- er revolutionaries like Jefferson, stood in front of those mics and cameras not to call for more pointless voting, but for real change -- change BACK to being the Republic we were founded to be. How many generals would support such a declaration? How many officers and enlisted men and women? No more mobs trying to cancel and compel compliance. No more social shaming and shadow banning by some cliqueish groupthink monopolies. We need real leaders! Not talk talk talk. We need a Republic if we can keep it, if we can restore it!

"Can we keep it? ", our republic.? This last election has further impacted our confidence in the power of the poles. I fear we've been vilified to the point that what the founding fathers wrote cannot be used to put the regime in its place. The people have been neutralized and the government has is under control. Those who have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution are in fact seizing power more and more. John Brown was to some a crazy man and a murderer but to others he was a hero. He advocated violent resistance to end slavery because of the frustration of no results using passivity. His hatred of slavery and the tyranny of an appeasing legislature mollifying the south kept the institution of slavery legitimate. Is something akin to this need to resist through violence something that we should be feeling? One criticism of John Brown could not be leveled against him and that was being wrong about his cause. Is there enough will in this country to resist? Are there leaders who will stand against the tyranny and call we the people to join together to fight against the lawlessness that is plaguing our Republic? I thought President Trump would have used his powers as Commander in Chief to use legal means to overthrow the coup. Would we the people have supported him? When the election was stolen how many removed their support? How many caved to the pressure of the marxists and did or said nothing? It could have been bloody but it would have been right.

Would we lay our lives down to defend liberty? If a call to action went out the boisterous minority would cower and run for cover. If our nation was invaded by a foreign force we would, at least 82 million of us, fight with everything we had at our disposal, BUT!!!!, from within the enemy attacks and no matter what we SAY!!! WE ARE MARGINALIZED AND CANCELLED!!! CALLED NAMES BECAUSE WE WON'T COMPLY.

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