More Than Trump


Trump"MORE THAN TRUMP explores the phenomenal support and following of Donald Trump and how that following existed before him and will continue after him. Trump is merely the lightning rod for the ideas and policies of Americans that want to maintain a lifestyle outlined in the founding documents.

With all the books available on Donald Trump, what makes the book MORE THAN TRUMP different? More Than Trump was written by multi-genre author, Roderick Edwards known for his detailed research of topics as varied as biographies of World War 2 soldiers, or the man that developed USA’s satellite program, or more specialized topics like the history of sedition in his book How to Overthrow a Government. Roderick Edwards brings his no-nonsense style and 21st century media methods to this unique approach to the life of Trump as the book was written in real-time as many of the events unfolded. More than Trump, as the title indicates is about more than Trump. It is about why and how Trump became president and what MAGA really means to people.

SNEAK PEEK of the audiobook, Chapter 12

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