Why I Call Some People Leftist And Why It Matters


Left wing or Right wing

Labels and classifications are used in life as shorthand. Are they 100% accurate? Not always but they do capture the basic concept. For example, sometimes a group of people are classified as "people with disabilities". What is a disability? How limiting must it be to be classified as a disability? What if the person doesn't think they are disabled? Further, the word Christian. Who does that encompass? The Roman Catholic Church once considered all non-Roman Catholics to be non-Christians.

So, what it really gets down to is shared characteristics or attributes. When I classify someone as a leftist, I look at their characteristics. Will they manifest all the same characteristics of every leftist? No. Perhaps a better term is collectivist. These tend to be people who think their ideas should be imposed upon the individual whom they think should be compelled to acknowledge or even participate in their collective ideas. Collectivists also tend to always be a smaller group than the majority, since human nature is that most people just want to be left alone -- You do your thing, and they will do theirs -- Collectivists tend to be loud and boisterous and sometimes even violent so as to be heard and to have people just give in and do what the Collectivist wants.

Hollywood for example is full of Collectivists who attempt to use peer pressure to force their small-group views and ideas on other people. If you oppose a Collectivist's views or ideas, they will attempt to silence you through mocking, or name-calling or getting others to join in a pile-on fest. If all of that fails they will call you a bigot or a racist even if the issue has nothing to do with race. You see, a Collectivist doesn't want equality; he or she wants revenge for real or imagined injustices.

It is the Collectivists' that really dehumanize and devalue people by attempting to destroy their individualism by forced compliance.

Lastly, since I'm often assailed for my religion, since I have made it clear I attempt to be a Jesus imitator; a Christian. Jesus classified groups of people as sinners. He classified some people as goats and others a sheep. He even classified some people as snakes and brood of vipers, destined for hell -- Mt 23:33.

This idea that Jesus was some first century love child hippie roaming the hills of Judea is false. He understood the reality of people and their ideas. He even said; "So as person thinks in his heart is he" -- meaning your ideas and views dictate the type of person you are. A Collectivist or leftist as was my original word, tend to want to impose on other people and dictate their lives and attempt to shame people if they don't comply.

I'm an individualist that looks for people who aren't easily manipulated either by the left or the right wing ideologies. While I'm clearly not a leftist or a Collectivist, I understand the reality that many of my ideas and characteristics are in common with some on the right. I would not be offended if I was classified as a rightist, although it would not be completely accurate. I don't run away from nor ignore labels. We use labels for everything in life. Words mean things. I hope this has helped.