Kanye West Answers the Question

Does Donald Trump Care About Black People?

K_WestJimmy Kimmel interviewed Kanye West in August 2018 and thought he stumped West when Kimmel asked him if Trump cares about black people. West purposely was taking an inordinate amount of time to answer the question. Kimmel went to a commercial break, implying Kimmel exposed a flaw in West's support of Trump. (see link)
West has since and repeatedly said he wasn't stumped and finally during an interview with WGCI 107.5 radio in Chicago, West answers the question and the answer is bound to be ignored by most of the media.


During the WGCI interview, West repeatedly tried to bring the conversation back to the idea that we're one race; the human race. The question about Trump caring starts at 24:06.

I want to thank WGCI for your interview with Kanye West. You were able to bring out from him the answer we all wanted to hear. I loved his insistence that it's about the human race. We need to understand that the Democratic Party literally created the KKK & Jim Crow laws and in the 1960s it was the Democrats who were turning dogs and hoses on black Americans. What changed???

We need to realize that even in 2016 Hillary Clinton told a group of black people that if they didn't cooperate with her, then "she'll only talk to white people". There is even a video of it. See link
We need to realize people are being played or as Malcolm X called it "chumps & traitors to their race". He said they are behaving like the "house negro" that would come behind someone and undo the things that person told the "field negro". (see link)

This is what has been happening in America for almost 200 years. Whenever Americans with darker skin than white people begin to integrate into the USA & begin to see themselves not as a "minority" but as Americans; as shareholders and owners of the land their forefathers ALSO built; along comes some divider, some "house negro" to keep that "WOKE" person from taking their place in the HUMAN RACE. They want the person to continue to see themselves as first and even only as part of the "black race". In this way they can control them and tell them what to think and who they should vote for. Just go listen/watch the video of Hillary in the link above.

In 2008, it was the white Democrats saying things about Obama like "he's a clean negro" and he can get elected because he "doesn't speak with the negro dialect". You don't see Republicans talking like this. The Democrats are playing you.

They need you to be oppressed. They need you to keep thinking of yourself being oppressed. This way they can keep promising to help you against the big, bad Republicans who the Democrats have somehow convinced you are the REAL racists...even AFTER the Democrats ACTUAL history.

It's time to wake up! Malcolm X said voting Democrat makes a person a chump & traitor to their race.

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