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Shhh, I'm working on a book that is so controversial that I dare not even utter the name of it online, via text, and not even during a phone conversation. Truly, this book is more "taboo" than the most socially taboo topic you could think of. I hope to have it complete and published before the winter of 2014. I hope it is not too late. This link gives a hint at the topic: http://rodericke.com/edge-of-anarchy
Next, I have been adding interesting feeds to RoderickE.com's R-Feeds link. The latest one is Upworthy. I'm not certain what to think of the content. While most of Upworthy's stuff is ideologically..."liberal", it is nonetheless interesting. Take a look: http://rodericke.com/aggregator/sources/52
Yes, the Roderick At Random podcast languishes. I'm sorry. I just have little time to devote to it. Maybe in the winter when I'm forced inside during Indiana's hibernation period. See here: http://rodericke.com/forums/r-podcast
I've been working a bit on the side as an Excel/spreadsheet consultant; making VBA projects that help improve accuracy and efficiency. See here: http://rodericke.com/excel

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