Islam's Invasion of Social Media



I don't know if it is by design or a takeover, but I'm part of a few political and philosophical groups on FB and have noticed that many of them have a disproportionate leaning towards pro-Islamic posts. Islam is certainly an ideology and does affect a good segment of the world and of history but like racism's history in the USA, we often ignore the historical realities (ie, KKK, Jim Crow Laws "whites only", and violence towards blacks in the 1960s were all created/perpetuated by one political party = Democrats and not by "all white Americans").

When it comes to Islam, it is not some innocent "religion of peace" that is merely fighting back against "imperial" (ie Western -- European/American) oppression and colonialism. Rather, Islam from it's founding, from it's founder Muhammad has always been a "killer ideology". That is, Muhammad of all the current major world religion founders is the only one that actually killed people himself, not just in self defense even, AND ordered his followers to kill people, not just in self-defense.

QURAN says:

And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. -- Sura 3:85
"...kill the unbelievers wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush..." -- Sura 9:5

There is no getting around this. Claiming followers of other religions are also violent doesn't help the case that:
(1) Muhammad was the initiator of violence and commands his followers to also be violent to other people.
(2) Historical & current terrorists stem mainly from Islamic countries. Look up Barbary Wars; in 1780s, as USA was just founded, Muslims were attacking trading ships in Med Sea. Not because USA was supporting "Zionists dogs" in Israel or because we were "stealing all the Mid East oil" but for no other reason than to fulfill Sura 3:85 & 9:5


Neither Europe nor USA colonized Islamic countries. What really happened is during WW2, most Islamic countries sided with the Nazis. [Upto WW1] The Ottoman Empire was in control of most of the Mid East at the time. When the Nazis lost, so did the [remnants of the] Ottoman Empire. The UN broke up the [remnants of the] Ottoman Empire to attempt to degrade its power. It repatriated "Jews" to the sliver of land where they historically lived and where there was NO COUNTRY called "Palestine". If anyone is a colonizer, it is the Muslims who displaced great cultures like the Zoroastrianism in Persia (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan) and made them into the tyrannical theocracies they have become.

Muslims also briefly "occupied" Spain and renamed it Al-Andalus. They have dominated much of Northern Africa. They were even the originators of the African slave trade long before the Europeans even sailed to the region.


In the present day, more terrorism comes from Islam than any other ideology; not Hindus, not Christians, not KKK members -- no one. This is not because Muslims are "oppressed" or being "occupied". It is the root of Muhammad's hostile teachings. It is not a "radicalization" of Islam, it is what Islam is at its core. The only reason there aren't more Muslims being violent is because they don't really know what the Quran teaches. It is in the best interests of politicians to pretend "Islam is a religion of peace" when in reality it is a 7th century version of a Charles Manson death cult which we would not tolerate to exist.

Islam should be shunned out of existence. Many Islamic countries have in their constitutions that "Islam is the official religion" of the country and that "no law can be made that is contrary to Islam". This is wrong for a 21st century society. No freedom can be had under such a concept. It was even allowed that Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt have such constitutions. This is different than when the Nazis and Japanese were defeated; Nazism and Shintoism were expunged from political documents. We continue to allow Islam to dominate people's lives without choice. This is not right.
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