The Individual: American Uniqueness

Individual vs Group

Above all things that make America unique is the emphasis on the individual and the rights of the individual. As the Founders of America were contemplating its existence, they considered what kind of issues nations struggled with the most. At the top of that list was tyranny; which simply defined is repression of people. Nothing is more tyrannical than repression of the individual, because if an individual can be repressed then that individual could be stopped from sparking others to disobey a tyrant. So, at the heart of this new nation must be a mechanism to curtail tyranny and especially tyranny against the individual. This is the reason that the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights so lauds the individual and individual rights.

While collectives and communities play a part, such as "States Rights", nothing trumps the individual's rights. The individual's rights are often called the inalienable or unalienable rights because these are the core rights that cannot be taken away by changes to the Constitution or by mobs called "democracies".

There is a reason socialists downplay individuals and emphasize the community, such as claiming things like "we're all in this together" or "it takes a village to raise a child". By diminishing the individual, the would-be tyrant can much easier control the mob. This is also the reason you often hear even American politicians calling America a democracy. The USA certainly is NOT a democracy and not even a kind of democracy. It is specifically a Republic that is designed to protect the individual from the mob. That is, in a democracy, a collective of people might vote to take property from an individual and redistribute it for the "good of the people". American law is supposed to protect the individual from this kind of confiscatory action.

Unfortunately, more and more people in America are being conditioned to believe the socialist concept of mob rule democracy. We see it on social networking where a group of people will attempt to shame an individual voice into silence. We see it in politics where politicians claim to be putting forth policies that give all people a "fair chance". These notions are completely unAmerican. While America certainly affords every citizen an opportunity to succeed if that person applies themselves, there is nothing that promises success. A person may work hard all their lives but not realize financial success for many reasons. Perhaps they worked hard in a field but never took advantage of opportunities that opened up along the way. There is nothing in the American system that was designed to hold people's hands through life. In America, each person is free to succeed or free to fail. It is up to their ambition and assertiveness. Working hard is not the only path to success. Someone else may work smarter instead of harder.

The hope is, future generations will see through the political manipulation and see that the rights and freedom of the individual MUST be central, otherwise these rights become circumvented by the so-called "will of the people", where the politician has convinced people that "We the people..." no longer includes the individual. We must hold fast to the notion of the primacy of the individual. Each person's rights. Each person's property over that of the collective and especially over the government. Once this is lost, the uniqueness of America is lost.