House Slave Democrats

House Slave

WARNING!!! If the title of this article already offends you or makes you think I'm a racist then you should probably not read any further. You most likely have been conditioned by your indoctrination called "education" to be unable to handle real and factual content. Maybe try CNN or Buzzfeed. Thanks.


During the time of African slavery in America, there was often a difference between the slave that worked in the master's house and those that worked in the fields; thus their distinction as "house slaves" and "field slaves". The field slave eventually came to resent the house slave because the house slave typically was treated better by the master. The master would often dress the house slave in better clothes and keep the house slave's hygiene at a better level, after all if they're going to be in the house with the master and his family and guests the house slave can't be stinking up the place. The house slave sometimes even had sleeping quarters inside the house instead of with the field slaves. The master would even speak more kindly to the house slave. (Don't believe me? Look it up)

This distinction between a house slave and a field slave developed into a mentality where the house slave would often defend and help the master against criticism by the other slaves; after all the "massa shore does treat me good". This mentality has continued into our modern era. While forced slavery has ended, there are many black AND white people that willingly defend the "massa" who does things for them and treats them better, at least as long as the "house slave" doesn't talk back.


The new kind of slave is captive to the media manipulation that tells them they are an oppressed group that needs the "massa's" help. This new slave is not defined merely by the color of his or her skin but rather by their supposed "class". You can be a new slave if you can be grouped into some class such as a "minority" (a very insulting and dehumanizing classification). You can be classified by your skin color, your gender, your sexual preferences or any imaginable divisive demographic.

Once you accept your role as this "minority", you then become a pawn for manipulation. Every four years, the Democratic Party tells you that if you vote for the "massa" he will help you and speak kindly to you and dress you in fine clothes and let you sleep in the house and he "shore will" as long as you know your place and don't dare talk back.


More directly, the Democratic Party has snookered people into believing they are the party of the oppressed and downtrodden. Never mind that the Democratic Party LITERALLY created the KKK and imposed 150 years of institutionalized discrimination via Jim Crow laws on black Americans. The Democratic Party wants you to believe they are a "different" party now. They want you to believe that there was a switch or role reversal between them and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party will cite how it's Democratic president; Lyndon Banes Johnson (LBJ) helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Never mind that most Democratic politicians voted against it at the time. Never mind that LBJ said he only did it to get the "niggers to vote for the Democrats for the next 200 years". Never mind that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 ALREADY gave black Americans their FULL RIGHTS and that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was only undoing the unlawful treatment the Democratic Party imposed on black Americans for 150 years. (More information on these claims: link)

To allow yourself to be manipulated like this is shameful. To believe the lies that the Democratic Party is "helping" you by telling you it will dress you in fine clothes and let you sleep in its house as long as you keep supporting it is like a Jewish person who would believe a Nazi Party if the Nazis said they are the "new" Nazis here to help. I'm not advocating for the Republican Party, rather I'm advocating for the TRUTH that the Democratic Party was and STILL is the racist, divisive organization that manipulates people for its own gain. What would happen if the "house slave" realized ALL SLAVERY IS BAD? What would happen if the "house slave" stopped saying "yassa massa" and "thank you massa" and instead set out to BE FREE! No longer dependent on the favors from the "massa" but truly free. The Democratic Party cannot allow that. It will continue to foment division.


The Democratic Party needs a group or groups of people it can manipulate and keep dependent on the party. As more and more black Americans leave the "plantation" of the mind and become independent, the Democratic Party must seek out or even create new "minorities" to vote for the party. These new "house slaves" can be "Latinos" or "undocumented immigrants" or the "LGBTQ community" or any other group the Democratic Party claims needs their "help" against the big, bad Republicans or conservatives or whatever boogie man the Democratic Party can get the fabricated "minority" to fear. Stay in the house you "house slave".

Your true judgment of who helps and supports you are those who treat you with the most equality rather than those who tell you you can't ever be equal without their help. Do you get it? It's not that the Republican Party isn't "helping" when it doesn't pass Affirmative Action or doesn't pass laws that give you special rights. Don't you see, when people treat you like you are just like them, with no special rights and no special privilege, they are REALLY treating you with equality and respect. When the Democratic Party tells groups of people that they can't be successful without the party's help, that is insulting and dehumanizing. That is keeping slavery going.


Once the "house slave" no longer does the bidding of the "massa" and instead gets out there, buys his own field and sweats and works it as an EQUAL, the "house slave" rebels against the manipulation and the fraud that has been perpetrated on him. We see this in our time whenever a supposed "minority" speaks against the Democratic Party. We see this rebellion when someone like supreme court justice Clarence Thomas; a black man achieves this high office WITHOUT the help of the Democratic Party. We see this rebellion when someone like outspoken homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos doesn't pander and use his sexual preference to get special rights. We see this rebellion when a movie star doesn't follow along with the snotty elitists movie stars who see everyone else as stupid football and MMA watching....well, "house slaves" that should just shut up and do what is expected of them. Join the rebellion! The Democratic Party should have ceased to exist after the Civil War. Had the Democratic Party ceased to exist, there never would have been a KKK. There would never have been 150 years of black and white only bathrooms and restaurants and such. Why continue to allow yourself to be manipulated, no matter what color your skin. It is time to rise up and be human, be FREE! When you do, the "massa" Democratic Party will try to silence you. It will try to whip you back into submission. It will try to tell you you are an "Uncle Tom". The Democratic Party needs you to keep being its "house slave". It is time for you to be bold and brave. Leave this plantation of the mind. Go out into the world and make a life for yourself. No longer allow people to classify you as this or that "minority". You are human, you are FREE!

Here's Malcolm X talking about the house negro and field negro. Malcolm X here, didn't point out that it was the Democratic Party that was manipulating people but he does other places. He does realize here that the Democratic Party (he calls "white man") has infiltrated the "civil rights movement" and uses it to keep the "house slave" submissive. While I'm not advocating for violence, I am advocating for people to REBEL against being manipulated by ANY "massa".