Heresy Threat Assessment


In my line of work I have been issued a Security Threat Assessment or an STA number. Supposedly there was some criteria to determine how much potential threat to national security I might or might not be, thus allowing me to enter certain secure areas of the facility where I work.

What if there was an assessment that determined how likely your faith might be susceptible to heresy? I've designed a 10 question "test" to help gauge this susceptibility or "threat" to your faith. The questions come from years of interacting with heretical groups and even having been part of the heresy of hyperpreterism for some time. Had someone helped me to understand how to avoid heresy, rather than just telling me to obey a pastor, I might have never gone into hyperpreterism. However, being a "predestinarianistic" Christian, I believe even so-called "bad" things happen for a reason. Without this experience, I most likely would not have been able to develop this test much less even understand what people go through to fall into heresy.

Simply answer all 10 questions with either AGREE or DISAGREE. Do not over think the statement. Then press the SUBMIT button and your HTA-Heresy Threat Assessment will be displayed. The higher the number, the more likely you could fall into a heresy.

Click here to launch assessment as own window.

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