Have A What If Moment...


What if we actually could elect a working class American as our president?
What if we didn't need to donate millions of dollars to a campaign?
What if all it took was just talking about a working class candidate?
What if we elected someone who loves the America founded in 1776?

Roderick Edwards is such a candidate. He is not asking for ANY money from you. Roderick Edwards simply would like to see you talk about the campaign whenever and where ever you can.
Engage your friends and family. Call into radio programs. Write politicians and ask them to support Roderick Edwards. Post rodericke.com on Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets.


But what about the push back? What about the people who claim Roderick Edwards can't win or Roderick Edwards isn't a viable candidate? Well, every revolutionary idea needs a first time. There should be no reason that we can't surprise the media who usually tells us we MUST vote for the lesser of two evils...which ironically is STILL voting for evil.
Why waste your vote again. If you really want to send a message, vote for Roderick Edwards in 2016. When the media and the politicians see that Americans aren't playing their game anymore, something revolutionary will happen. And if Roderick Edwards is actually elected it will be BIG!

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