Unwelcome and Unwanted Conduct

Harassment, Discrimination, & Offense

Shut upWhile legitimate harassment does occur, a lot of what passes for harassment is merely some snowflake who can't handle reality. My workplace's 'training department' made everyone take an 'anti-harassment' training course. Most of it was reasonable but even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) policy guidelines were...well stupid.
Like they always do, the leftists among us conflate reasonable and logical policies with their own idiocy until even the original premise becomes suspect. This is how we got here.

The EEOC guidance on "harassment" was drawn from sexual harassment cases where "unwelcome and unwanted conduct" especially by a supervising agent to a subordinate would become a legal liability for a company if unchecked or ignored. (source) Yes, that is reasonable and logical BUT it is NOT reasonable nor logical to say all unwelcome and unwanted conduct is harassment otherwise a person might complain that a supervisor giving a person a poor performance review is harassment as it certainly is unwelcome and unwanted.


Further, the course and the EEOC talk about "hostile environments" at work. But again, this mainly pertains to harassment of a sexual nature. The course tried to equate any conduct that may offend someone is creating a "hostile work environment". The course went so far as to claim that if two employees are engaged in a personal conversation and another employee overhears the conversation and finds it offensive, that the other two employees should be reported to Human Resources... YEAH! Shut up you little snowflake. Of course there are inappropriate things to discuss around non-participating parties, but are we really trying to sanitize our entire society of anything that may offend the weakest among us? Much of the course kept repeating the word "illegal" as if my company could call the police and have me arrested and hauled away. I understand, as the employer they can decide what I can say within their walls or while I am representing them. There is even a part in the course that claims they can act against me for my conduct and speech outside of work. And it is true, they can take action, including employment termination for almost any reason even for things I say or do outside of work. But, that STILL doesn't make it "illegal" by default....so stop using that word all the time. Your own anti-harassment policy is creating a hostile work environment for most reasonable people and coddling weaklings.


The course also mentioned offenses against someone 40 or over...yes it actually implied that it's okay to make jokes about someone younger than 40 but harassment to make jokes about someone over 40. Ummm. But what gets me most about these kind of courses is when it talks about not offending someone's "sincerely held" or "deeply held" beliefs. Huh??? Who gets to decide if the beliefs you hold are deeply or sincerely held?

"Bob only goes to church once a month so it's okay to make jokes about his religion"

Really?? Who is writing this stuff? Further, I don't care if someone holds a belief sincerely or not; there are some beliefs I won't tolerate being practiced around me, like Charles Manson followers. None of them dudes better be sitting in the cube next to me. Nor cannibals or quite frankly anyone who believes their god wants them to slay the infidels where ever they are found. So, again SHUT UP with all this leftist mumbo-jumbo!


The course and EEOC guidance talks about "severe" versus supposedly not severe conduct. Again, who decides? In this generation of weaklings who get offended by the slightest things, EVERYTHING is "severe". As a matter of fact, the EEOC guidance talks about the "de minimus" effect on plaintiffs in that if the material or non-physical conduct does not exceed the kind of material/conduct/speech that is typically prevalent in public places; such as perhaps a billboard of a woman in scant clothing, then the plaintiff would have little reason to complain that a work environment with comparable material/conduct/speech is a "hostile environment". Real harassment is personal, continuous and pervasive.

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