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SimulationKayne West was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on Aug 9-10 2018 & discussed a concept of "teaching the future" rather than the past. While it may seem a bit hokey, West wasn't talking about predicting the future but about focusing on teaching how to think in the now and the future rather than in the past. He described it as a young child who dons a blanket as a cape and stands on a coffee table in triumph but someone telling them to get down because it's a coffee table. This is supposed to demonstrate how the child's view of things are defined for them; in the past rather than them defining their future. Obviously, this is simplistic but is about thinking for yourself.

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While West went on to describe how we get caught up in a "simulation" that "calculates" us into patterns that are often repetitive, Kimmel kept trying to get in digs against President Trump because Kimmel didn't quite understand that Kimmel himself was demonstrating exactly what West was talking about. It is easy to continue the same pattern that so many other people are doing but overcoming the similitude takes courage and strength.


Again, it is not about predictions but about thinking beyond limitations imposed by past. While many things are the way they are because they have been tried and tested in the past; there are many things that are only the way they are because no one ever thought of it differently -- like the child who didn't see a coffee table but rather a pedestal for his superhero persona.

Teaching a class on future is not futurism where we think only about new technologies but rather we think about thinking differently. Of course, history and the past can inform us so that we don't make the same mistakes but it can also limit us because the past claims things can only be the way they are. It took someone thinking future to overcome the idea that humans could never create a mechanism that could fly let alone break orbit and go to the moon and beyond. The past had told us our ground bound way was the only way it could be.

Perhaps a future idea is that an entire society could exist without any government yet not devolve into anarchist chaos. (see Edge of Anarchy: Iargalon) Where people could govern their own lives and not require some ubiquitous authority to dictate to us what we can or can't do; even things that harm no one else. Where taxes aren't necessary and neither is welfare. (see Free Future) Having ideas and thoughts that aren't found in any past expression is one of the defining things that makes humans different than all other animals. There is a reason that even after thousands of years of existence that dogs have not figured out how to build their own dog house or any other invention.

So, while Kimmel spent all his time trying to remain in history and in the past and creating a history to which he could reference to extend his true agenda; West wanted to speak about something more. He didn't want to merely be a prop for Kimmel's hatred but instead West spoke about fear and love and how love should be used to move into the future. It's not a love in the sense of some emotionalism but rather an admiration of existence itself and that people of all sorts contribute to that future; even in ways we may not completely understand. This love doesn't ignore hate or fear but instead washes over it to destroy it in a flood of future existence.

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