Foreign Policy


Candidates often criticize other candidates' foreign policy experience or lack thereof. But at the same time, most voters are more concerned about a candidate's domestic policies. What is the candidate going to do for the USA?. When candidates mention the foreign policy inexperience of their rival, it is supposed to send the message to the voters that the rival will not be respected among foreign leaders. This criticism is often accompanied by trying the trip up the rival by asking them to name leaders or places of foreign countries. But I submit there is really only one thing a candidate must know to have an effective foreign policy; AMERICA FIRST. No matter which nation is being interacted, is the policy and diplomacy, and actions best for the United States? It doesn't matter if I know the name of the president of Vanuatu. This is in no way insulting to any nation. But if the president of the USA is more worried about whether he says Pock-ee-stahn or Pack-ist-stan then his priorities are in the wrong place. Having said that, I do want to detail some of my specific foreign policies (in no specific order of importance):

1. CHINA: USA has a symbiotic trade relationship with China where for decades we have its workers cheaply assemble many of our manufactured goods. Further, the trade deficit with China is imbalanced and appears to have started in 1986 [see source:]. Various proposals have been put forth, such as tariffs on goods coming from China. This will not solve the issue and will simply increase the prices of the goods for American consumers.