What Your Facebook Activity Says About You

Does your Facebook activity reveal what type of person you are?

Facebook reveals

What if by clicking that like button you are saying more about yourself than you know? In fact you are. University of Cambridge researcher Michal Kosinski used his Psychometrics studies to develop an analytic of a person's Facebook activity. From your likes he can predict your gender, your femininity or masculinity level, marital status among other things.

Kosinski's https://applymagicsauce.com website get's your permission to analyze your Facebook likes and then returns a very interesting predictive profile of you. You can dig deeper into the discovery of you by going further into https://discovermyprofile.com which contains personality tests, thing-person orientation tests, behavioral identity tests and many, many more.

These tests are more scientific than many of the grammatically incorrect meme-based tests you find on Facebook. But hey, those meme tests are fun when you want to know if you are supposed to be a cat or dog person. :-)

Interestingly the article examines how and why Trump was successful in the utilization of social media.