Excel as a Database


Excel as database

So you want to use Excel to act like a database, after all a database is mainly a list of lists right? Well, most databases such as SQL databases are very complex and almost convoluted in how they relate to data via primary keys and such. Did I lose you? Okay, then back to Excel, something you and I both can understand right? I've been using Excel for over 20 years and have now designed an easy to use process to make Excel behave like a simple database. Granted, this wasn't really feasible in the past as not until Excel version 2007 could you store more than 65,536 rows of data on each tab. Now you can store 1,048,576 rows. Now we're talking!!!

Latest version = 20191230
This process will allow you to make an interface form on one workbook and use another workbook to store the data. You can then use the interface to display, add, edit, print or delete records from the database workbook, all without directly or manually accessing the database worksheet. You can even have multiple users with their own copy of the interface workbook all accessing the database just like an SQL database...but you will understand how this database works. You will design the form how you'd like. No paying IT or a programmer thousands of dollars. This is FREE!!! Why? Because I hope you will use it and consider me for more complex contract work. Download the file and open it to get started. The instructions are written in plain English. You got this!

Always download copies directly from this site. While you release Roderick Edwards and rodericke.com from any liability for this "as is" product; you are always safer using a copy directly from rodericke.com.
If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me. Now get to it like a pro!

Downloadable file: