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Repeal and replace socialism

After 25+ years of developing Excel-based solutions, I've developed 3 workbooks that can really help in many industries. While I have primarily worked in the logistics industry, these workbooks can be applied to many other industries. The following is a description of these 3 workbooks. Let me know if you need further assistance. The 3 workbooks are contained in a compressed zip folder with no advertisements and no other files, such as viruses or spyware. The VBA code is all sheet-based and is completely viewable.

1. easycalc - Matrix-based calculator sheet used to calculate charges, rates.

2. importer_copier 20170614 - Duel-workbook importer/copier, data combiner.
3. Workbook-based Database Form 20170803 - Make a sheet-based form and pull/save data from/to another sheet.

Downloadable file: