ENTITLED - by me, not you
I'm tall. I'm short. I'm fat. I'm thin.
I'm black. I'm white. I'm not. You are.
You're here. I'm not. Not fair!
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
I walk. You don't. You walk. I don't.
You do. I don't. They do. We don't.
My group. Your group. I'm in. I'm out.
I scream. I shout.
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
Wah! Wah! You owe me!
I'm blind. You're not. You're able. Not me.
You're rich. I'm poor. Your fault. Not mine.
I'm old. You're young. Not fair!
Wah! Wah! You owe me!

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