Entire Bible Summarized


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Gen 1

  1. God creates the earth (potentially entire universe)
  2. Earth's light source seems to be originally other than sun -- compare Gen 1:3-5 to Gen 1:14
  3. Days and nights appear to be literal 24 hour periods -- see evening and morning phraseology
  4. Order of creation same as claimed in evolution, sea life, plant life, land animals -- Gen 1:20-25
  5. Man created to have "rule over" the earth Gen 1:26-28

Gen 2

  1. Seventh day of Rest, Sabbath -- Gen 2:2-3
  2. Gen 2 appears to be a more detailed account of Gen 1
  3. Tree of Conscience, of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- Gen 2:8-9
  4. Rivers, some that still exist named -- Gen 2:10-14
  5. Eden where Adam and Eve lived
  6. God makes woman so man won't be lonely, but they are co-wokers -- Gen 2:18, 20-25
  7. Adam names all the animals -- Gen 2:19-20

Gen 3

  1. Serpent, which God created talks and tricks Eve into eating fruit (not apple) -- Gen 3:1-3
  2. Serpent tells half truth, which is a lie that Adam and Eve won't die if they eat fruit and eyes will be opened -- Gen 3:4-5. 22
  3. Adam appears to eat the fruit without question, realizes naked makes clothes out of leaves -- Gen 3:6-7
  4. God appears on earth, talks with Adam and Eve -- Gen 3:8-21
  5. Serpent punished by being made to crawl on belly, potential dinosaurs dying out? Gen 3:14
  6. God punishes Adam by making him work for a living. Punishes Eve with pain in child birth Gen 3:16-20
  7. God kills something innocent to cover the shame/sin of Adam and Eve - Gen 3:21
  8. Adam and Eve banished from Garden of Eden -- Gen 3:23-24

Gen 4

  1. Adam and Eve's first recorded children, Cain and Abel; sons -- Gen 4:1-5
  2. Cain murders Abel because Cain thinks God likes him more -- Gen 4:2-8
  3. God punishes Cain by making him a nomad -- Gen 4:10-12
  4. Verses implying world populated by other humans OR Cain is worried about creatures killing him -- Gen 4:13-16
  5. Cain has a wife; an unnamed sister or other humans? -- Gen 4:17-18
  6. Culture/Civilization forms; cities, farms, music, tool-making -- Gen 4:19-22
  7. First polygamous marriage mentioned -- Gen 4:19
  8. Adam and Eve's 3rd recorded son; Seth -- Gen 4:26
  9. Start of religion? -- Gen 4:26

Gen 5

  1. Gen 5 detailed account of Adam's offspring to Noah
  2. Details the age of Adam and offspring, sometimes how people calculate world being 6,000 years old -- Gen 5:3-32, Mt 1:1-17,
  3. Enoch is often considered to not have died naturally but taken up to heaven miraculously -- Gen 5:21-24
  4. Methuselah oldest mentioned person, 969 years. Assumed that year=365 days like present -- Gen 5:27
  5. Noah said to have sons at age 500. Potential triplets? Did Noah have unrecorded children prior? -- Gen 5:32

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