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When people talk about freedom, what is meant? Do we mean we want to do whatever we want? Isn't that really anarchy? A lawlessness. That is the setup for this article on the hypothetical nation called Iargalon. What if there was a country with virtually no government, where the people could settle on a piece of land and be left unmolested by laws imposed upon them by others. But how would this be possible? Doesn't every society need order. Without rules, without government with the power to maintain order wouldn't there be chaos?


Imagine this Iargalon with a minimal government with a main responsibility of merely the national defense of the country. This centralized government would have virtually no ability to tax. No ability to dictate a national agenda. The key to all of this would be a society built on respect for personal contract; Caveat Emptor. -- buyer beware. This would mean that each person is ultimately responsible for making sure the contracts they enter into are for mutual benefit. On this principle, whatever government there was, it would hold people to their contracts. Obviously this would need to be a society where people were noble and honorable. But are humans by nature, noble and honorable? Are we instead, by nature greedy and self-serving? Isn't this why we implement government; so as to impose on other people things that force them to behave noble and honorable...or at least how we interpret noble and honorable?


So, you have this Iargalon where the people come together to form a more perfect union. They elect a government of officers from among the people; not career politicians but people who will return to their daily lives as farmers, tradesmen, and business people after they serve their limited terms. There would be no class of people such as politicians. To raise a military, for the common defense of the nation, would require local militias that would be called and rotated at all times for the maintaining of a standing army. This conscription would be necessary, modeled much after the IDF Regular Service, and would require all able-bodied, able-minded persons of a specified age range to serve at rotating and limited time in the military. The idea of career military service should also be resisted in this new nation.

The military would not be used domestically, but rather local citizen police forces whose only mission is "keeping the peace"; that means as long as one person isn't infringing on the rights of another, then it is no business of the police. There would be no laws that attempt to judge the motivation of a person rather than the actions of a person -- no "hate crime" laws; for justice is blind and does not attempt to be partial to one person over another based on religion, race, gender, status, or class.


The welfare of individuals is primarily the responsibility of the individual -- self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and self-determination. For if a person is too impoverished or encumbered to help themselves, they cannot help others. Inevitably as in every society there will be those people who need help. In this case, a noble and honorable people would help these people in their time of need. Not through force or compulsion but voluntarily through charity and charitable organizations that help such people. No government institution or law shall be made that forces one person to help another people with general welfare.

How a person lives their life would only be restricted by the infringement on other person's lives and by the contractual obligations into which they have entered. Issues like homosexual marriage would be less an issue because while in places like the United States of America; the homosexual population is only 2% or less yet seems to dictate much of the social agenda; in Iargalon no one will care if you want to have a legal contract with the same-sex or even multiple partners; however you must bear the contractual consequences if there be any. There will be no special rights for one group over another. One agenda over another will not be imposed. The judicial system is only there to rule upon the contracts a person enters.


The legal system would be minimal and for the purpose of enforcing contracts into which a person enters. Perhaps if it could be shown a person was forced by threat to enter into a contract, then the contract can be annulled, otherwise almost all contracts are binding. When crime is committed; which is defined by harming a person or their property or their wards; it then will require judges to exact retribution. Retribution is not revenge but is intended to be fair compensation for infraction against a person, their property or their wards. If there is a jury system, it will be convened of people who are the peers (actual people who know the parties in the case), which will include peers of the offender and defender. Juries of random people with little knowledge of the case or the parties involved has been a system easily manipulated in societies. It is thought that a random and "ignorant" jury represents an "unbiased", objective jury when in reality it has often been a jury of the least competent to judge a matter.


Education will not be nationalized. There will be no public education. Private institutions may form and offer contractual education for any person. The intent is to revive the apprentice and specialty education method wherein a student was tutored in a trade or area of specialized study. The American public education system has not only been a field for political and society manipulation but has so undercut education that Americans generally do not score well against counterparts in other advanced societies. A private education model would engender competition among the educational institutions to provide the best education at the lowest cost that would return the greatest benefit. No more one size fits all.


With the passing of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, America has lost its original mandate and has become as much a tyrannical nation as the Imperial English government of the 18th and 19th centuries. The idea of a nation borne out of the greatest concepts of freedom; from the Jewish ideas of freemen and of the Greek-city state -- where all men were seen as created equal and not having more rights than other men, but left alone unmolested to pursue happiness as long as it does not infringe on the same rights of other men -- this concept is dead in American politics and American culture. When a government can impose taxation not only on goods and services, but on the very life and labor of a person, when a government no longer allows the local "government" of the people to be represented but instead manipulates the masses, lulling them into thinking they are voting for local "senators" when in fact they are voting in centralized officers who will represent the central government's interests over the local community; all semblance of that original American concept is dead.

In this Iargalon, the local government would be responsible for local roads and so-called public infrastructure. There would be no game as currently in America where taxes are imposed and collected from the local/state regions and sent to the federal government wherein the federal government holds those funds hostage until the local/state government agrees to the demands and dictates of the federal government -- and then will release these funds back to the local/state governments. With the advent of the 16th and 17th Amendments, America as a nation is dead. There is no local or state government that can operate without the imposition of the centralized federal government. Even the federal judges override the rulings of the local judiciary. The idea of individual states in America is a delusion.

In Iargalon, localized government; as chaotic as it may seem to some would be supreme again. If you didn't like the region where you live, you could simply move to one more beneficial to your life. In this way, well-ran localized societies would prosper and poorly managed communities would suffer. There would be no subsidizing of entire communities that would otherwise fail.

In this concept of localization, roads and infrastructure would be funded by and maintained by the local government. This would mean a road or structure would only be built on an as needed basis. There would be no need to tax the population or maintain debts. It is very possible that private toll roads might even compete with public thoroughfares if the local government failed to properly build or maintain such roads.


Who could come to such a place? Well, one thing for certain is that America's racist policy of limiting some groups of people while allowing others, simply on the basis of their race or nationality is a policy that would not be followed in Iargalon. Instead, Iargalon would return to the merit based system. People from other countries would be welcome to immigrate to Iargalon if such people desired to become an Iargalonian. This would mean adopting the ideas and concepts of Iargalon instead of immigrating and intending to change Iargalon to be more like the nation from where they came. Further, someone immigrating to Iargalon would be expected to assimilate into the country; not be a hyphenated alien. The immigrant would be expected to bring to the nation, something of worth. There would be no desire to allow immigrants that merely wanted to abuse Iargalon's charities. Crime from new immigrants would not be tolerated and would be an indication that such a person does not want to really become part of this nation. Such as person would be summarily deported and disallowed to return.


Obviously this Iargalon is a fiction. No people could ever dream of such a place let alone create it anywhere on the face of this planet. The Great Experiment, called America has failed because it abandoned the principles by which it was founded. It is no longer a nation on the edge of anarchy but rather has become like all other nations; a virtual dictatorship even if within the sheen of "democracy" which is in reality rule by the manipulated mob. There are no real freemen left in America; for the moment they raise their heads they would be labeled treasonous.

The idea of a society almost on the edge of anarchy where freedom is unhindered except by infringement of other's freedom; has given way to a litigious and regulatory behemoth named the USA. However, long before there was a place called The United States of America, it is was a dream within freedom lovers from many countries; who sought a place where they could live almost undisturbed by governance and imposition. Our forefathers came to this plot of land and built such a nation and quickly lost it to those who would impose and tax and tell us it is for our own good and for the good of the "union"; when in reality we see it has been for the greed of the political class; despite party. The manipulated masses, who think they are voting for the best or perhaps the least of two evils are in fact voting for their own bondage. This is ever clear with the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments and further with the daily loss of freedoms.

May the idea, the dream, the vision of Iargalon be simmering in the minds and hearts of people, not only in the USA but in lands beyond the sunset.


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