As of this writing, Oct 22 2014 the disease Ebola has killed 4555 persons (source). While this may seem a high death count, other factors kill more people.

We certainly need to stay in front of any potentially civilization-ending epidemics however we must be careful to also not fall into a crowd panic. See the chart below which shows the leading causes of death in Africa:
Chart African Death
The United States has always been a leader in compassion. We send more aid to more countries than perhaps any other nation. But if we are to remain a strong leader, we must protect our homeland. During the ebola outbreak, had Roderick Edwards been president, these are the actions that would have been taken:

  1. All travel from the major infectious countries would be closed until there is evidence the disease was contained.
  2. All treatment would be conducted at a central facility and the person and all persons treating the patient would be quarantined for the contagious period.
  3. No military personnel would be sent to infected countries.
  4. Consideration of financial, technological and medical aid for infected countries.

These are the same policies a Roderick Edwards Administration would employ for any potential epidemic coming from other countries. The U.S. already has laws in place that quarantine animals and products not only entering into the U.S. but sometimes simply crossing state lines. (source)

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