EasyCalc for Excel

Imagine an Excel sheet that can easily calculate a rate matrix.

Rate matrix calculation

During my 15 plus years in the logistics and freight forwarding industry I have had to learn how to read rate tariffs or rate matrices for invoicing and auditing purposes. I have sought to apply my two principles of life to this process, which are:

Make more efficient.

Make more accurate.

While the second isn't really grammatically correct since something is either accurate or it isn't, I hope the reader will forgive my little flub. To this end I have been working on ways to interact with Excel-based rate tariffs. After years of custom designing calculators to fit specific matrices and often to the point that they worked great but weren't easily portable to another rate sheet, I've finally developed a worksheet-based calculator that will work with FCL, LCL, AIR, and even consol shipments. In reality, the calculators can be used for anything you want to calculate, not just logistics. The calculators are completely portable and allow the user to easily move it to any other workbook and still work as designed.

Further, it is completely customizable and works from a sheet macro rather than formulas that can be accidentally deleted. If you'd like to try it out, download the zipfile. Let me know if you have questions or ideas. By using this calculator, you release me of all responsibility...just in case you use it to hack into the CIA or something ;-)

Downloadable file: