The Divisive Party

What if the Democratic Party was banned? Would the world be a better place?

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There is one U.S. political party that has proven that its main mode of operation is to provoke people into action by pitting one group against another. They seek to divide people over gender, race, economic situation or any other status they can create or highlight. They claim they are advocates of equality but they are more concerned about the equality between groups rather than the equality of the individual person. America was founded on the primacy of the individual and the rights of the individual over any group or class of people.

Further, the Divisive Party creates boogieman objects and implores their voters to "resist" these things and people, at least at election time. This political party has been obstructing Americanism since the very founding of America. They do not like it when Americanism is promoted. They claim it is arrogant or jingoistic or xenophobic or any other guilt-ridden qualifier they can conceive. They have obstructed Americanism by triggering the Civil War. They have demonstrated their hatred of Americanism by creating the KKK and by imposing institutionalized discrimination via the "Jim Crow" laws on black Americans for over 150 years. They see Americans as groups to be opposed and manipulated and used as voting blocks rather than individuals with unique self-worth and ideas. This Divisive Party creates advocacy organizations including government Caucuses based on the heritage or skin color of people. They dehumanize unborn individuals, almost as parasitic by claiming they are a mere collection of cells with no rights unless some other individual "chooses" to allow them to be born.

This anti-American party is none other than the Democratic Party. Do not allow them to pass the blame to some never-existent "Dixiecrat" Party. They should not be allowed to claim their historical pattern of racism, socialism and fascism was a "long time ago" since it clearly continues to this day via the plantation mindset of corralling people into controlled groups and classes. They cannot escape their roots by claiming there was a switch in parties, as in 1924 their presidential convention was dominated by the KKK and in the 1960s their president, Lyndon Johnson was still calling black Americans the n-word. When did this supposed role reversal happen? In 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told a group of black Americans that if they didn't help her with her agenda then she would "only talk to white people".

In reality, had the Democratic Party been banned after the Civil War, then the political engagement of black Americans would have blossomed instead of dwindled and now being the mere skin color-based one-issue activism it has become. If the Democratic Party was banned, perhaps the KKK would have never existed. Perhaps the whites and blacks only lunch counters and bus seats would never have happened. Perhaps the over 100,000 Japanese-American citizens would have never been illegally divested of their Constitutional rights and forcibly removed from their homes and business and placed in humiliating internment camps. Perhaps America would never have adopted socialistic programs that force tax payers to support other people via some fake "fairness" scheme called "wealth redistribution".

But instead, we are told that the Democratic Party is a legitimate political party that fights for the interests of Americans when in reality in 2016 they actually ran an avowed "democratic" socialist. As Malcolm X said during the Civil Rights era; that if any black American voted Democrat, then they are "traitors to their race" but I say if anyone votes Democrat then they are traitors to their own liberty. The Democratic Party has an agenda that attempts to build a socialistic utopia by taking your treasure and your efforts and bequeathing them to people they think will vote for them and ridiculing you as uncaring or as a bigot or a racist if you do not comply. Or worse, the Democratic Party when in control of the government will fine and imprison you if you do not comply with their socialistic utopia. And when they aren't in control of the government they incite each other with stupid slogans into riots that often destroy public and private property all in the name of the elusive and unnatural fake utopia. How do they have so much time off work to participate in these anti-American "protests"? Historically, the Democratic Party's behavior has been more akin to a terrorist group than a political party. Pen drop....