Who Killed The Most People?

Have religious or political ideas killed more people in history?

Religion vs Politics

When it comes to murder...yeah, that's how I'm starting this article...but when it comes to murder we often think of Nazis or notions of religions persecuting and killing people throughout history. Even now, the last resort of a debater on Facebook is to label someone as a Nazi. That'll show them. Or even better, if you ever run for president of the United States you can try to win the campaign by claiming your opponent and all of his or her supporters are Nazis, neo-Nazis, and racists, even if it's not true. You should win hands down. Here's the part where some snooty elitist gets all offended, claiming I'm making light of the suffering of millions of people.

Seriously though, ask yourself (or other people) whether Nazism, Communism, or religious ideologies have killed more people throughout history? Citing R. J. Rummel’s Democide: Nazi Genocide and Mass Murder, there were nearly 21 million non-battle deaths inflicted by the Nazis. Compare that to Communists between the Soviets and Chinese who have murdered over 60 million people! (SOURCE: http://necrometrics.com/20c5m.htm)


Communism seems to get a pass in popular culture. Some American politicians like Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party in general even align themselves with communistic or socialistic ideas. They romanticize about how all the needs and cares are provided for by the State; healthcare, housing, life and death. Yet Communism MUST impose itself on people. It must force them to participate. Like Obamacare, Communism must have a pool of people who will support the people who either cannot or will not support themselves. After all, it's "fair" for people with more money and means than you to take care of you. And if they don't the government should punish them. Right?

This is at the point when Communism begins killing people. Communism through a collective; called "The People" sometimes prefaced with magnanimous words like "democratic" first tells people it is for their own good and shames them if they do not willingly comply. Communism then gets the collective to march and protest and even violently violate the rights of individuals who will not provide for the "greater good", after all (the logic goes), a person has a responsibly to give back to society that has so generously allowed that person to remain alive and to have things.

Communism fails where ever it has been tried because it is UNNATURAL. Humans are not primarily herd beasts...well, at least not the humans that actually grow up and get a job and live their own lives. It takes some kind of intrusive authority to force humans to give their labor and time to other people who have no connection to them. At some point, all of this...um REAL FASCISM collapses. People resent other people living off their efforts. We see this in Venezuela. American politicians that seek to emulate European or any other kind of so-called "democratic socialism" have a poor grasp of history. Communism kills more people than Nazism and religion has ever killed.


However, even some of the very people who acknowledge the murderous track record of Communism think that if it is tried again, just one more time with the right people at the wheel, it will work this time. Finally, the world will have a collective of people who all lovvvvve one another and are perfectly happy to play their role in the great State. And typically, these people don't call it Communism. Instead, they will soften the reality that they are trying to foist the most death-causing system on you by calling it something like "progressive" this or that. They will use slogans like Unite! or Stronger Together! or Moving Forward!. Anyone who opposes the march to this socialistic utopia is labeled a faaaaascist or a raaaacist or a bigot or some evil that must be resisted, as if individualism is actually imposing on collectivism.

No matter what supposedly benevolent leader leads the charge, Communism under all its subterfugenous names is still a murderous ideology which always ends with the rights of the individual being taken by the group.


The irony is that the manifestation of Communism today doesn't come primarily from Russia but rather from American and European youth who claim they are anti-fascists, who march in the street destroying public and private property and shutting down other people's right to speak. They claim they are resisting hate yet they seem to be the ones doing all the hating. Fascism itself is an Italian word that literally means bundle or collection, such as in the collective ideas of socialism or Communism. People like to claim the Nazis were right wing when the Nazi Party was literally called the National Socialists German Worker's Party. Sounds just like many of the supposed ANTIFAs running around today doing the exact things Adolph Hitler did to shut down opposition to his rise to power. Hitler claimed to be for the people, for the worker, for the guy who wanted to get back at that system! RESIST!!!

The modern Communists are the Democratic Party. And no, I'm not shilling for the Republicans here. But look, the Democratic Party hates your individualism if your freedom does not conform with some group or class that it has deemed socially protected (and conveniently on the Democratic Party voting rolls). If you don't want to even participate in all this class and race warfare and would rather just get up and go to work every day, come home and be with your family and do this for the rest of your life, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM according to the Democratic Party. You MUST be made to care! How dare you live such a simple and "privileged" life. You will be forced to share the burden of others. Your wealth, your time, your everything will be redistributed so everyone gets their Obaman fair share. And if you don't comply, you will be ridiculed in the media, on the late night talk shows, at the water cooler, and on Twitter; tweet! tweet! Your days are numbered because the PEOPLE are rising up to take back what's theirs...and yours too. You don't deserve all that. Give it to them now!

Had the Democratic Party been outlawed after the American Civil War as a treasonous anti-American death ideology that it is; there would have been no KKK nor 150 years of Jim Crow laws imposed upon black Americans. The modern Communists MUST be defeated so that true individualism can advance and prosper. America is built on the notion of the individual and the rights of the individual over the noisy collective calling itself a "democracy" when really it is just another Communist in a red shirt with a red flag imposing its will upon everyone.