Democrat's Concerns would be believable if...

Fake narratives by Democrats

Trump Derangement SyndromePerhaps the Democrat's sudden concern with the integrity of our elections would be more believable if they hadn't spent so much time trying to block voter id. Or perhaps it would be more believable if they didn't just pass a law in California allowing illegal immigrants to vote for school board members. In fact, the Democratic Party has a long history of being completely hypocritical and unbelievable when they try to act concerned about something. They appear to only be concerned about getting elected.

The Democrats are acting like they are concerned about the Trump administration interacting with the leader of Russia but ignore the fact that the Obama administration spent a large part of his 2 terms trying to accomplish what they called a "Russia reset". They even had Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2009 and present him with a plastic reset button which actually erroneously said "overload" in Russian; so much for the Obama administration being such masters of diplomacy. (link). Further, Obama dropped the prior administration's plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe. Where were all the media accusing Obama of being too soft on Russia? Or for betraying our allies...especially in Eastern Europe? Nope, Democrats are hypocrites so their current fake concern for any of this is just that; fake.


The current bout of fake concern can be traced back to the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers is the co-founder of the self described communist revolutionary group called The Weather-Underground. During the 1960-70s, Ayers and his group bombed police stations and even the U.S. Capitol building and Pentagon. (link) But the significance comes in when you find out that Obama entered into politics with an announcement he gave at Ayers' house. This happened in 1995 when Obama ran for Senate. Obama also worked with Ayers at the "Woods Fund of Chicago" for several years. But hey, the NY Times and CNN "investigated" and determined Obama and Ayers didn't have a close relationship. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

The point is, the Democrats have an unbelievable concern for American concepts when their hero is a guy who launched his political career at the home of a terrorist like Ayers. Further, when Democrats are willing to vote for avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez their concern about protecting America from outside influence falls flat. They want us to believe they care when they are doing everything they can to actual undermine the very foundation of the American free market, capitalism. We're just not buying this fake concern.


Democrats commit more fraud when they pretend to care about the environment. Have you ever seen what kind of trash they leave behind after one of their many pity-party marches? Or how about their love for Apple products and so-called eco-friendly cars which are stripping the environment to mine all that rare earth metal to make the batteries for all that tech? They're frauds. Democrats ignore the historical racism of their own party which literally created the KKK, Jim Crow laws and were the perpetrators of most if not all of the Civil Rights era idiocy waged against black Americans; including turning dogs and hoses on them. Snotty elitist Democrats try to pretend this wasn't the Democratic Party but some fictitious "Dixiecrats". That's like trying to say modern neo-Nazis have no connection to Nazis from 1940s.

The good thing is that the more Democrats expose themselves, the more people will abandon this hateful, un-American hate group. #walkaway

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