Participating in the Delusion

At some point in your life you will conclude that everything is merely a delusion or representation of fleeting ideas.

Truman Show

The opening statement is not meant to be negative or fatalistic but rather realistic. The reality of our lives is that not many of us are that important to the grand scheme of things, despite being told all our lives that each of us is “special” or “unique”. Most people live life in a rather predictable and unremarkable manner. We repeat this process generation after generation. Sure, we’re important to our immediate family but so is everyone else. Knowing and acknowledging this helps put everything into perspective. This is what I mean by participating in the delusion. It is when people either deny or don’t understand this role they are playing, that life often comes crushing down.

The Delusion is different for every person. Some people find self-worth, purpose or happiness in doing things for other people. In reality this doesn’t even matter and in some respects could be negative for the recipient who could become too reliant on the help and not develop on their own.


The Delusion for other people is their religion or politics, or their job, or family and on and on. By calling it a delusion, I am not implying it doesn’t have any worth or value, rather I am acknowledging the self-defined value of the activity or role in which the individual is participating. While I may be less philanthropic than someone else, doesn’t mean I think less of that “delusion”. Since typically, some of these more manufactured activities have unspoken motivations such as self-guilt or self-aggrandizement. People typically aren’t by nature helpful and caring to strangers.

Perhaps a great example of the Delusion is seen in the movie The Truman Show. Without giving away spoilers to people who may have not seen it, it follows a man through his life and demonstrates the utter purposeless of his routine and mundane life (there’s more but I don’t want to give it away and if you’ve never seen it, don’t read about it. Just watch it for the full effect).


But again, this article isn’t supposed to be depressing. Once you realize and accept the Delusion you’ve constructed for yourself and be the best you you can be within the Delusion, then you can find happiness. Keep in mind this is different than trying to be happy in a life you didn’t make for yourself. Living out someone else’s Delusion will not make you happy for long.

Once you embrace your delusion you can begin to focus on other things. The Delusion typically becomes auto-piloted to the other things going on around you. This doesn’t mean you treat your Delusion as superficial or unimportant as it is still the biggest part of your life; of who and what you are.


The Conclusion of the Delusion; whether you are a religious person or just some agnostic apathetic is that at the end of your life you lived out your Delusion to the best of your ability or comprehension of the Delusion. During life, your Delusion will clash with other people’s delusions. They will think their Delusion is more important and perhaps they will think their Delusion is reality. You and your practice of your Delusion will be offensive to them. They will do everything from avoiding you to attempting to violently harming you.

Having said that, some Delusions are more destructive to society than others. If human cohesion is to remain, some delusions must be quelled or even eliminated. I’ll let you consider which kind of Delusions those are. Back to our Delusion.