Cuba Normalization Policy


In 2014, Barack Obama announced that he would normalize USA relations with Cuba. While many people may not understand the full gravity and impact of this arbitrary decision, the next president of the United States will inherit this policy. It does no good for any presidential candidate to say what they think or don't think of the policy. The reality will be, that Obama will have set us on a path of open political and diplomatic relations with a dictatorial country.

Of course, the next president could simply restore the previous U.S. policy toward Cuba but by then many things will have changed. As a presidential candidate for 2016, it will be my policy to reassess the situation and work from there. It is unfortunate that Obama took these unilateral actions without more input from those who were actually adults when the policies against Cuba were first enacted. As president, I will seek the counsel of those who helped to enact the original policy. I will also consult with Cuban-Americans and Americans in general. This kind of action is not of the sort that required Obama to act alone.

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