Why Confederate Flag Fliers Also Fly Trump Flags


General Lee

As soon as some people see a Confederate flag, they think of racism and the KKK but the REALITY is the Confederate Flag for most people who display it is not about "hating black people" but rather it is about rebellion; that's why it's often called "The Rebel Flag". Besides, the KKK didn't come into being until AFTER the Civil War and was created by the Democratic Party. The point is, the Confederate Flag to most who fly it, represents resistance to conformity and imposition. It is the epitome of "anti-fascist". It is a big "F#$% You!" to people who attempt to control and force their views on other people. Racism often isn't a factor. Yes, there are many people who ARE racists who fly the Confederate flag but the majority aren't displaying it for that reason. Remember the old TV show, "Dukes of Hazzard"? It was NEVER about racism but rather about defiance against corruption and intrusion into the individual lives. The Confederate Flag was painted on top of the 1969 Dodge Charger that the "Duke" brothers drove in the show.

But our society has gotten so intrusive and controlling of not only people's actions but even their speech and thoughts. If you don't conform and comply you will be fined or fired. You will be shouted down and called a bigot, a racist, a Nazi even though often, NONE of that applies to you. You just don't want to be controlled. You don't want to be told you have to use a person's specialized "genderless" pronouns. And THIS is why people who fly the Confederate flag often also fly the Trump flag. It is NOT because Trump is a racist and his supporters are racists; but rather both flags represent DEFIANCE to the groupthink, REAL fascism that is part of the "woke" culture that is attempting to force everyone to do what it wants or shut up or be fined or fired.

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