The Not So Cold War



Shortly after the end of World War 2, the mutual distrust between the rising dual superpowers of the United States of America and Russia (then USSR) began what would eventually be called the "Cold War". It was called this because there was no open conflict. There was no fire from the muzzles of guns. Instead, it was like a calculated, quiet chess game with each side moving pieces around on the "board" of earth. Certain events in these "war games" are ingrained into history; such as the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis when the Russians moved nuclear weapons to Cuba, a mere 90 miles from the USA. Another memorable event is the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany. This was a wall that literally was built down the middle of the city of Berlin after WWII. The Russians wanted to run East Berlin as a Communist city and the USA and its allies wanted to run West Berlin as a "free" city. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan urged the Russians to tear down the wall. International sentiment grew and the people of Germany themselves tore down that wall with no opposition from the Russians.

Between 1989-1991 the USSR went through a virtual bloodless revolution where Communism was abandoned and many former possessions of the USSR were released to independent countries. This leads us to the present topic of what is going on in one of those former possessions; Ukraine.


A little background is necessary here. In the years between 2005-2012 there was much talk about the so-called "Arab Spring". This is the idea that Arab, or Muslim nations were going through a sort of cultural awakening to a "reformation" of freedom brought on by exposure to Western thought through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This caricature of expressing cultural shifts as "seasons" isn't new. In 1848 much of Europe went through revolutions that were considered Europe's "Spring of Nations". This brought a shift from the former monarchies to more of what is currently a soft-socialism which much of Europe holds today. Conversely, the revolution in USSR/Russia and former Soviet republics in the 1989-1991 was often called the "Autumn of Nations".

While to some people, it may seem like these nations have been marching ever toward a freer idea, what is really happening, whether it be Europe in 1848, Russia in 1991, The Mid-East countries in 2005-2012, or Ukraine in 2014 -- these nations have been marching toward a type of soft-socialism that claims it is "democracy". Often not known to most Americans, the founders of America vehemently opposed democracy as a form of mob rule. The word democracy is no where found in the U.S. Constitution. Those politicians who advocate democracy are not advocating the principles of America. As a matter of fact, here are some quotes about democracy by America's founders.

"...democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths..." -- James Madison, Federalist Papers No. 10 (1787)

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." -- Thomas Jefferson

The point is, there is something else driving this push toward "democratizing" the world, including now the Ukraine. There is a hot-bed or "summer" heat of activity that needs explored.


It should become obvious to observant people that idea that democracy equals freedom is a false or fake idea. As Jefferson said, democracy is nothing more than one percentage of the people taking away the rights of another percentage. More striking is that it is not even a majority that does this. Notice now that it is vocal and bullish minorities of people that take away the rights of others and then call it "democracy" or "progress". No matter which side you are on, it is amazing to see that a 2% homosexual population has somehow dictated what 98% of the populace can and can't do. The same thing is attempted with taking away gun rights from the majority of the population through a media campaign which seeks to portray those who wish to protect themselves as backwards.

Again, this brings us to the issue of the so-called Arab Spring. We saw what happened in Libya and Egypt and other places. The United States Government attempting to push "democracy" on those places aided in the overthrow of their governments to install some other form. In light of this, the Egyptians removed the American puppet Mohamed Morsi. More nations are seeing that what is really happening is what is happening in America -- a fake freedom. Powerful men (and women) have learned how to manipulate the masses. They tell them they are bringing them "equality" and "hope and change" when in reality they are using them to grow the elitist class while pitting the citizens against each other. This elitist class is no different than any other dictator or tyrant which they overthrew to replace with their "democracy". The Egyptians figured this out and rejected this falsehood. And now we have tried it in the Ukraine.


The situation in the Ukraine was projected to the world as a spontaneous desire for freedom. A sort of common people's revolution. There was even a viral Youtube video that was presented as a common Ukrainian's plea for help, but was found out to be a propaganda product of the U.S. State Department. Perhaps it may be confusing that me, a staunch patriotic American would be opposing the USA effort to "democratize" the world. I mean, maybe some people would say; "So what if America is fomenting these overthrows in various nations. Isn't it better if they are free?"

The problem is they are NOT being introduced to American-style freedom. They are being introduced to soft-socialism of the type being presently pushed on Americans. America is NOT a democracy. Further, they aren't really being "freed". They are being giving a new oppressor. Until Americans overthrow, via the ballot box or otherwise our soft-socialism we have no business pushing our "freedom" on others. There is a reason Islamic countries are violently opposing our form of "democracy" coming to their countries. They look over at America and see we allow the killing of the unborn. We allow and embrace homosexuality. We allow and accept our officials to tax us and give our labors to others. They see all this and reject it. Who wants this kind of "freedom"?

Just like when Obama helped to install the Islamic Brotherhood, Morsi into Egypt, there is evidence that Obama is now helping to install neo-Nazis into Ukraine, all in the name of "democracy". See link It really has nothing to do with "freedom".


Now Russian troops are entering Ukraine and it looks like war may be on the horizon. U.S. president Barack Obama has issued yet another toothless bluff, saying that if Russia intervenes into Ukraine there will be "costs". Let's review. The USA foments the unrest in Ukraine and then when Russia does not accept this meddling by the USA, Obama threatens the Russians. With Obama's track record as a weak leader who doesn't really mean what he says, it is unlikely the Russians will fear the threats.

There are now calls from both Democrat and Republican leaders to sanction Russia if it doesn't back off. The hypocrisy in all this is amazing. If this doesn't spark a new cold war, it may spark an all out war. It is likely that the Russians would join with the Chinese, the North Koreans and the Muslims to once and for all oppose America's attempt to peddle soft-socialism.

This puts people like me in a precarious situation. I oppose soft-socialism. I no more want to see it pushed on the world than Islam or Communism. I want to see true freedom advocated, which means that no matter the form of government, it leave most people alone to live their lives. There are monarchies that do a better job at this than soft-socialism does; with its intrusive and regulatory heavy hand. God help us!

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