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Since this effort will be unlike any other attempted presidential campaign -- in that I'd like to accomplish it without begging for money -- this effort will rely on YOU to mobilize support by way of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), word of mouth and creative support.

Let's show the politicians that a candidate DOESN'T need to be some rich, out of touch elitist. This effort should appeal to the "liberal" and the "conservative" alike.


With people constantly talking about "historic moments" such as the first black president or the first woman president, just imagine what it would be like to have the first average citizen president. The time is here where we can utilize the resources of the Internet to mount this campaign and be successful!


The first step is getting the word out that Roderick Edwards is running for president. Start posting this link everywhere:

Here are some other ideas for getting the word out:

  1. Share the videos that accompany almost every posting.
  2. I have specifically tried to keep the videos under 60 seconds so that a person won't have to listen too long. Politicians are windbags, average citizens get to the point.

  3. Learn and share the issues
  4. The site was designed to easily navigate and get the information you're looking for. I've attempted to be honest and direct about every issue. No political tap-dancing here. Oh...and the entire website's developed by me. No paid outsider.

  5. Start new groups
  6. Since I'm not asking for any funding, I will be relying on supporters to instead focus their time and effort at generating potential voters. This will be where you can be creative. While each person will be acting on their own, without endorsement from me, I only ask you to be honest and legal and point people to the issues I have addressed.

  7. Create products
  8. Again, while I cannot endorse any individual or group as being "officially" tied to my campaign, you might utilize things like Zazzle or any of these similar sites to create T-shirts and things. See my potential SLOGANS link for ideas on slogans or make up your own (Be honest and tasteful please).

  9. Contact your local government
  10. Since this is going to be a massive write-in campaign like never before in history, it would be helpful for supporters to contact their state's election board and perhaps your Secretary of State to help them understand that you want to be able to write-in Roderick in 2016...and have your vote ACTUALLY COUNTED. Not all states allow write-in candidates and some of them that do, don't actually count them!


One more thing. Please be prepared for some initial reactions. People will either be all for an average citizen as president or they will think you are crazy for even trying.
People might at first be supportive and even say they will vote for Roderick Edwards, but in the end will they really cast their vote? Will they think if they vote for a write-in Independent that they will "waste" their vote. Ask them if their vote mattered in the last election or the years before that? Ask them if it has made any difference voting for a Democrat or a Republican. The only way we're going to change what is going on is to overwhelm the system. Look how the ALS ice-bucket challenge took off! We can do this!

Finally, you may get a more negative reaction from some folks. If you do, please don't get hateful or rude. Politely say something like, "Well, I understand you might not be supportive of Roderick Edwards at the moment, but if anytime you want to get on board, please do." -- Remember, this kind of effort is strange to people. They can't see how it could ever work. Doubters always scoff until the impossible thing is eventually accomplished. Let's accomplish this together. There is no reason to be divisive. Unlike the hundreds of years of the two-party system where it was designed to generate an US AGAINST THEM mentality, let's all rally around the fact we are ALL AMERICANS, seeking at least the basic things Americans have in common -- liberty -- liberty to have the government do it's job and stay out of your life. The government's main job is simply to protect the country so you can go about your life. Beyond that, the government; Democrat or Republican is simply invading your life and harassing you. It's time to be America again!!!


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Simply spread the word by referring people to


Contact media and try to get them to cover the Write-in Roderick campaign!

Here is a good list:


Buy yard signs and bumper stickers and give them away to promote the campaign. See and


You can go door-to-door to spread the word. Volunteer to be at the polls and even be a designated elector.

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