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Sometimes politicians become so full of themselves that they don't see any reason why you SHOULDN'T vote for them.

After all, in their minds they are the most qualified, the most experienced, and they have paid their dues in the political class so they believe it is "their turn" to hold whatever office they seek. Further, if the voters don't elect the politician of the day, we're often depicted as being too dumb to realize we needed to elect this political savior.

Because I don't want to think too highly of myself -- again realizing I am just an average citizen -- I'd like to spend some time focusing on some really specific objections. Let me address specific reasons a person might NOT vote for Roderick Edwards. These objections are listed in no specific order.

  1. No experience.

By no experience, a person typically means political experience. But this is exactly the point of this campaign; to elect a non-politician. Does a person really need to be part of the political class to run for president? As far as I can see from the Constitution, there are only 3 requirements; all of which I meet. But what if the person means other types of experience. What kind of experience would we like to see in the person that is going to lead our nation?

  • Devotion to the founding principles of the USA
  • Basic understanding of the duties of the government
  • Basic understanding of the duties of the president

Does the person need to know all the names inside the good 'ole boys club? Does the person need to have been a senator or a governor first? Why? Why can't they just be a person who as I hope to demonstrate throughout this website has knowledge and understanding (two different things by the way) of how and why the United States is supposed to operate.
I am not just some guy off the street applying for a job. I'm not applying to be a surgeon in a hospital. Are we trying to say the Constitutional requirements aren't enough. Perhaps the only thing I would consider changing is that the person have some sort of military experience. Beyond that, what have the last 60-80 years of politicians done for us?

I DO have managerial experience. I DO have leadership experience. I DO have...well, what I would hope would matter most; common sense experience being a typical, middle-class American.

  1. Not enough education.

While I'm not demeaning the education of anyone, how many times have you been employed somewhere where a newly college graduated employee comes in and seems clueless about how to operate in the business? I am proud that I have accomplished what I have with the type of education I have. I program complex VBA routines/macros. I have been the Training Supervisor over a team of 4 trainers, training classes of 16 people a week for a call center. I've worked many of the types of jobs typical Americans work. If my "education" in reality somehow disqualifies me, then I suppose we'll just continue electing people who live in gated communities who are completely out of touch with the rest of us. Besides, the previous two president wouldn't even fully release their college records.

All of this seems contradictory to the constant stance of many politicians to be for the "little guy" or the "working class man". How long will we fall for their pretended, "I'm just like you" lines?

  1. Aren't you just wasting your time?

It is true that this campaign is nothing like what we've come to expect from presidential campaigns. As I begin it, I realize fully that it may go no where. But it isn't just about winning; it is about going through the entire process to see what happens if an average American runs for the highest office in the USA. Are the 3 minimal requirements to be president of the United States actually inconsequential? Do you really need to be a billionaire and have all the right political connections? Is that the reality? If so, why don't we just change the Constitution to reflect that expectation.

  1. Won't you be inviting ridicule on your family?

I suppose what would be meant by that is that people might think...well...Roderick Edwards is crazy for running for president. Or worse, what if the media starts digging into my family's life. Not just my life, but many of my close family members. Am I really willing to put us all through that? I know my background and am willing to answer any questions people may have. I am not hiding anything. But yes, I would be upset if the media began to attack my family. However, I almost would expect it if this campaign actually started making inroads. I mean, the media and the political class couldn't actually let an outsider, average American be president could they? They'd do all they could to destroy me. My hope is that if it comes to that, I will have the support of the American people over the elitists. My hope is that such an attack would backfire on them this time.

  1. Aren't you really just a Republican?

While it is true I have identified with the Republican Party most of my adult life, it has been a long time since I've considered myself a Republican. Both the Democrat and the Republican Party seem to be different sides of the same coin. Each election, candidates from both parties move to the "center" just long enough to get the votes then they often return to what they really believe. Or they say one thing to their "base" supporters and another thing to the general population. I intend to be honest and say the same thing to all people and let them decide.

I have chose to run as an Independent because I have found that classifying yourself as a Democrat or a Republican leaves out too many Americans. However, I'm a big believer in addressing as specifically as possible, all the positions you can as a candidate. This is what this website is for. Unlike many candidates who will spend many hours and millions of dollars trying to tell you why you SHOULDN'T vote for the other guy, I hope to lay out as detailed as I can, my views on almost every position you can think would be important. I hope you spend time reading these views or watching the videos and then decide, beyond your party label whether you want to support Roderick Edwards.

Ultimately, I'm looking to represent the average American -- not the average Republican, or the average Democrat or even the average Libertarian. I am more than happy to have voters who have identified with these established parties, cross over and vote...well...in essence, for themselves. For someone more like them.

  1. You are too religious.

If you read some of the original articles on this site (which I made no attempt to hide), you will find that I have many theologically based articles; that is true. But I also have a large amount of philosophical articles. I hope you expect someone as passionate as Roderick Edwards to have thoughts in these areas. What always perplexes me is how politicians will often identify themselves as "religious" and then tell people their religious beliefs will have no bearing on how they govern. Really??? They are being untrue somewhere -- either to their religion or to the voter. If a person actually believes something, it WILL ultimately have a bearing on how they behave.

Every U.S. president in history has claimed to be a "Christian". While I too am a Christian, I would have no desire to treat America like a theocracy. It was not founded to be such and should never be such. However, a person should expect Roderick Edwards to call upon his Faith in times of need. I will pray for fallen soldiers whether that offends anyone or not. But when it comes to matters of law, I will rely upon the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights to determine how to act. I will not attempt to hide my Faith but I will also not impose it upon others. One of the distinctive marks of Christianity is that it attempts to appeal to people with reason and logic -- it does not threaten to harm them or force them. Regardless of any misguided individuals in history, Christianity has primarily been a religion of REAL peace. Many of America's (and Europe's) first universities and hospitals were founded by Christians -- including Yale and Harvard.

  1. You will become corrupted.

The fear is that if the person isn't already corrupt as many politicians often are, they will be corrupted by the political system. Perhaps some people will think I can't be both a Christian and the president as I would have to compromise one or the other part of my life. Indeed, as I already pointed out, politicians who tell you they are "religious" and then say their religion will have no bearing on how they act seem to be compromised already.

My hope is, since I am just an average guy that I'll be able to hang on to that. If I am actually elected I would not feel entitled to the position. I would be humbled that the American people, from all walks of life; from all political persuasions decided to try something different than what we have been doing for the last 100 years. I would be honored and feel a sense of great and genuine responsibility. I would hope this would keep me from being corrupted.

As for the compromise of my Faith; some people might fear that a Christian couldn't navigate the political pressures. Think about things like same-sex marriage, abortion or the legalization of marijuana. How does a Christian interact with these topics. Hopefully you will read my detailed responses in the ISSUE SPECIFIC section of the website. But let me just say here; there are certain issues the Federal Government should never even have its hand in. Again, if you have read much of my views, you will know that I seek a minimal Federal Government whose main function is to defend this country so it's people can go about living their lives in liberty and peace. Why should the Federal Government be imposing itself on its citizens in this way. I mean, to me that is worse than the fear that a religious person might impose their views -- since at least a religious person in this country has no power to impose any punishment on you for not doing as they say. The Federal Government uses its power to force people to do what it claims people MUST do. That is not the place of the Federal Government. If you are not potentially or actually harming others, then the government really needs to leave you alone. That will be my policy.


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