Sample Interface with Database


This sample Excel-based "database" allows the user to save and update entries into a hidden sheet. For this example, we have 1616 buses that we are tracking repairs by problem, diagnosis, repair solution and of course date. This sample utilizes VBA macro coding, so the user will need to ENABLE MACROS/CONTENT if prompted.


  1. Interface sheet -- This is the sheet the user inputs data
  2. Database sheet -- This is hidden sheet where data stored
  3. Configuration sheet -- This hidden sheet where dropdown items are stored (bus numbers)


On the Interface sheet, select the Bus number from the yellow dropdown box in cell A2. If no data has yet been entered, you will get a popup indicating.
Input data relating to the selected bus number. You do NOT need to enter ISSUE# since this will be automatically generated.
Once complete, press the SAVE/UPDATE button. If you get an error, it is probably because you did not ENABLE MACROS first.
A popup will indicate successful save/update. The actual workbook saves as the location you currently have the workbook saved.
You CANNOT delete entries once you have added them. You can only modify them. To delete, you would need to go into the DATABASE sheet and manually delete the entry.


To administrate this workbook, right click on the Interface sheet and UNHIDE the other sheets. You can now change the dropdown items or directly interact with the DATABASE sheet.


Roderick Edwards ( gives any user the full rights to this workbook for modification and sharing. I only ask that you keep the signature within the original coding. -- Thanks


While this coding as originally posted here on this site does not contain any malicious or spyware coding, by downloading and using this program, the user frees Roderick Edwards ( from any liability. The file is "as is".

Version 2 allows for the user to add more columns than standard version. Simply type column headers on row 4 of the Interface and save. You can even change C4-E4 to be whatever headers you want.
ATTENTION: Column A MUST be the issue number and column B MUST be the date and should not be changed.

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