The First Revenge President



Barack Obama was not elected as America's first post-racial or first black president. Obama is America's first revenge president. He was elected by both black and white Americans in hopes of dishing out payback for America's past of racial inequalities and prejudices. Many who elected Obama wanted him to get back at America. They wanted him to take from those who supposedly had been oppressing them and give it to the oppressed. They wanted him to "redistribute the wealth" and redistribute everything else they think was being withheld from them. To this end, Obama has been working ever since his election in 2008.


Some day America will have its real first black president; or rather its first president that happens to be black. This president will not spend years trying to divide people while using false platitudes of making people "pay their fair share" but rather this real first black president will use his or her time in that honorable yet humbling office to highlight that before any American is any pigment of skin or any hyphenated group, every one of us is part of this one great nation. This first black president will not spend time trying to exact revenge (wink, wink) on certain classes or colors of Americans, but rather will spend time highlighting the fact that America really is the land of opportunity.


It is really a shame that Obama wasted the opportunity he had. He could have been a man of great integrity; a man that brought his fellow Americans together. Instead, he spent 8 years purposely fundamentally deforming America and being vindictive. He could have turned back every thought and idea that he should "help his people", as if the color of his skin came before his loyalty to his Americanism. The irony is, the best way he could have "helped his people" is by acting more like the words of Martin Luther King junior rather than Jeremiah Wright. He could have said that America is at a point where it MUST see Americans as Americans instead of classes and sub classes. Instead, he spent his time inflaming both false and real hurts into more than they needed to be. He spent time appointing men and women into his cabinet that also inflamed and irritated rather than healing and reconciling. Everything Obama and his administration has done seems to have been motivated by revenge; at getting back at certain people.

It is my sincere hope that Obama is also America's last revenge president. It should be our hope that the next president that happens to be black, or Hispanic or Asian or any other sort of cultural or pigment heritage is of such a quality of character that it will be that character we see before the color of their skin. We need a president that does not think he or she has to force people to "pay their fair share" but that everyone in America has the opportunity to succeed -- IF THEY APPLY THEMSELVES. The idea of forcing reparations on generations removed from any real or imagined injustices, is not Americanism. It is time to put the sordid 8 years of revenge behind us. It didn't give us hope or change but was simply a step toward hatred and bitterness. Let us come together as Americans; sure recognizing that America has not been perfect but is always perfecting; the goal of America's charter; ALL PEOPLE CREATED EQUAL LIVING IN THE LAND OF LIBERTY AND OPPORTUNITY

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