How Radical is Too Radical?


Too Radical

We are told to engage in politics; to vote but it seems pointless. The system seems rigged. Too many people seem to be duped. After all, over 90% of American blacks consistently vote Democrat despite the historical fact that the Democratic party is no friend to minorities. The first 21 black congressmen were ALL Republicans -- SOURCE. And it was the Republicans that passed both the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and 1964.

If the American voter is this duped, what good is the ballot box? For all we know, elections themselves are already predetermined. So, again how radical is too radical? It doesn't seem the U.S. government is following the Constitution any longer. The centralized federal power is doing things it was never intended to do. How do we fix it? Every time we elect a person or a group of people who say they will fix it; they can't or don't.

We the people are told to be quiet, pay our taxes and go about our daily lives. We are purposely kept too busy to do anything about what is going on. What course of action could and should be taken to reclaim our country? How radical is too radical?

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