The USA-Mexico Border Issue


Just how complex is the border issue considering border length of the Rio Grande River is 1248 miles/2008 kms which accounts for about 65% of the 1933 miles of U.S.-Mexico border. The border on the U.S side includes the states of Texas (1241 miles), Arizona (372.5 miles), New Mexico (179.5 miles), and California (140 miles). The Mexico to USA border crossing is considered one of the most if not the most crossed international borders in the world, at a rate of approximately 800,000 people a day. (ref) A list of all of the legal crossing points can be found at this link:

So, the question is, just how much of the border needs to be secured? Could the USA actually build a 2000 mile fence and would it really stop the flow of illegal immigrants in the U.S.? The issues with a fence include dividing ecological areas (preventing animals from easily migrating) to destroying habitats. A fence may not be a complete solution and was abandoned by the U.S. government by 2010.

How about posting Border Patrol or National Guard every half mile? This would require 11,598 people. (1933 miles X 2 = 3866 X 3 shifts). Surely this isn't too intense. This would be less expensive than a fence or wall and would not have the negative impact of those barriers. It would be an opportunity for training and would ensure that all points of entry (POEs) would be manned. In reality, the actual number of personnel needed would be lower since there are already several check points.

What is left to do? Why doesn't the U.S. government simply implement a plan like this? Is it possible the current presidential administration has other motivations for leaving the border unsecured?

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