adjective: token
1. done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture.
"cases like these often bring just token fines from the courts"

While we may refuse to accept it, the world employs many tokens; things that are done for mere appearances whether or not it is legitimate or not. Of all the places where a token is the most offensive and degrading is when people are tokens. What is even worse, is when people willingly participate in being tokens. You could be the token woman in a group. Or the token black person. Or the token homosexual. Look at any local television news broadcast and you will see the epitome of tokenism. They seem to always have the token woman. The token black person. The token "minority" (a detestable term) whom may look Hispanic or middle eastern. And perhaps a token potentially homosexual.

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Could you imagine being hired somewhere simply as their token. "We need to hire a black person so we don't look racist." Is this really how you'd want to get a job? It is an insult.


Various governments have actually passed laws that use a type of quota system that says businesses must hire a certain number of people from a racial group or other class. While the intent is to "equal" the opportunities and cut through "discrimination", it actually cheapens a person's self-worth. To know you were hired only for the color of your skin or your societal class rather than on your skills.

Maybe the argument would be that while these programs may put into positions, some people without the appropriate skills, it ensures that the doors are opened for different races and classes who might have otherwise been shut out. It is assumed, that if a company or an educational institution is required to bring on a person due first to their race or class; then the company or institution will make sure that person also has the required skill set. The implication is that without the laws, these companies and institutions would not otherwise bother.

While the quota system is technically illegal in the United States of America, it obviously doesn't stop places like news organizations.


Classifying a person as a "minority" is racist if based on their race. In the USA, there really isn't supposed to be a classification based on race. We're all Americans. Those people who perpetuate division based on races are the most racist of all. Every time I hear a person call themselves a minority based on their race, I wince. They are merely perpetuating the degrading classification of themselves. It is almost dehumanizing. Could you imagine if so-called minorities started refusing this classification. What if instead, they demanded to be called ONLY Americans. What if every time someone tried to "hyphenate" them away, they fought back! "We are NOT a dashed people!" But instead, they willingly take on the sub-classification. They are made into "sub" humans; "minorities" whom are told they cannot succeed without the help of others. How degrading!


On the other side of classifying people into an hyphenated sub group, there are those "white" people who feel guilt; whether real or....token that the only way to soothe that guilt is to further degrade people. They do it under the guise of helping people but in reality they are merely perpetuating the problem. These guilt-ridden people vote for policies which help to foster this idea that another people are either too dumb or too weak to accomplish goals on their own. It ignores that even despite REAL oppression; these downtrodden people STILL accomplished their goals. This guilt will often elect tokens into office; as is the case of a complete incompetent, inexperienced man named Barack Obama -- the token "black president". A REAL president who just happened to be black, would not have needed to stand on this token. The content of his character, the skill set he brings would have been proven. Oh, what it must feel like to be a token.


It is time to stop using tokens and instead work with real tender; real currency. It is time to refuse being the token. Demand to be hired for who you are, not what color of skin you may have. You are NOT a "mere appearance" (legal fiction) but a living being not to be degraded and sub-classed by other living beings. Do not allow yourself to be used as a mere token in anyones game.

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