Was America Ready For a Black President?


Before you read this, please remember you are first Christians, then Americans (if you live in America), and then somewhere after that you are whatever race you are. Please, let's try to be civil and not get emotional. Please, please, please follow the links I give in this post -- especially the links about "Jim Crow Laws", "black codes", and the link on "Radical Republicans" -- this will reveal why after the Civil War, we had another 100 years of oppression.

WARNING: If you have only been taught history by the public school system or watching public TV or CNN, what follows may be difficult to believe, but check out the FACTS.

The title of this post is not what it appears. I ask the question this way because all during the Obama campaign we were exposed to the question, "Is America Ready for a Black President?" The underlying (and real question) is really, "Is America Too Racist To Elect a Black President?"

This is an interesting insinuation that the media fostered, since the American principle is equality without partiality. As a side note, I think this is one reason why even though Republicanism was born out of the question of equality for black Americans, American Blacks have oddly gravitated toward the Democrat party (voting 90%+ for Democrats in national elections). That is, Republican philosophy is to treat all people the same, without partiality whereas Democrat philosophy is to attempt to level the playing field by taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots, whether it is finance-based, race-based, gender-based, or whatever. So, perhaps many American Blacks have assumed that since Republican philosophy doesn't attempt to treat Blacks differently, that Republicanism doesn't care for Blacks. The real case is that Democrat philosophy MUST see certain classes as "lesser" and then attempts to rectify that erroneous concept by taking from one group and giving to another.

Now, back to the question of this post. Immediately after the Civil War, the Republican Party controlled everything. It was the plan of "Reconstructionism" to give American Blacks FULL RIGHTS. But after Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson took over. Johnson was a Democrat, which may seem odd that a Republican President would have a Democrat vice-President, but Lincoln was attempting to re-unite America and having a Democrat as his right-hand man was an attempt to be "bi-partisan". Johnson acted like he was strong against the racist south, but once Lincoln was out of the way, Johnson began undoing what the Republicans had set out to do.

Well, Johnson DIDN'T follow the Reconstruction Plan but instead pressed for compromise and along came the "Jim Crow Laws" and "black codes" -- where instead of full equality, Blacks would be seen as "equal but separate". This was NOT the America Lincoln and his fellow Republicans had fought for and envisioned. The so-called "Radical Republicans" pressed for full voting rights for Blacks, and culminated in the FIRST "Civil Rights Act"...of 1871, which in part read:

"Every person who under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law"

Translated, this means that anyone who would deprive another American, no matter the color of skin, of his or her rights, privileges or immunities could have the law used against them. Simply, black people could now sue if they were discriminated against.

Fast-forward to the present. Why the question "Is America Ready for a Black President?" If we saw that immediately AFTER the Civil War, the Republicans were trying to give FULL RIGHTS to Blacks as the proud participants in America as they had always been, then how are we asking 130 years later if America is ready?

First, we must honestly note, Obama is NOT the first Black president. His mother is white. He wasn't even raised in the typical Black American family, but spent much of his time outside of America. This is something other black politicians like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have pointed out, even calling Obama the "magic negro" because they say he is just "white" enough to be acceptable to some white people who would otherwise have trouble. Sharpton and Jackson even seemed to be a bit jealous that Obama was able to get elected as president when they could not. Anyhow, we have YET to see the first REAL BLACK PRESIDENT -- a man or woman raised in America in the black culture.


Now we come to our conclusion. America is not ready for a Black President, not because America is racist but because America is not ready to criticize a Black President lest we look racist. Most criticism of Obama's POLICIES have been spun to appear as criticism of his race. During the Health Care speech Obama gave, a white politician (Joe Wilson) yelled out, "You Lie!" and the media has spun this to be a racist comment. (source)

America is not ready for a Black President because America is not ready to criticize him for fear of being labeled as racist. It happens all the time in employment situations, university situations and such where people feel like they must give a black person special consideration -- "Affirmative Action - race quota" instead of doing as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed -- judging a person on their character and ability and not the color of their skin.

I'm ready for a Black President. I would vote for someone like Alan Keyes in a heart-beat. I would vote for someone who REALLY believes in equality, not in "redistribution of...." wealth and opportunity. I am ready for a REAL Black American to be president!

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