Teaching Americanism To Americans



Even if a person was born in or became a legal citizen of the United States of America doesn't mean they automatically know what Americanism is. In fact, there may be more people in lands far and close that understand Americanism. America is more than a country, it is an idea. Americanism is the idea that people can be and should be self-determining and self-reliant -- this means that people should have the most freedom to determine what they will do and the most freedom to carry out that determination. People from other countries often come to the nation of America and think we believe that too. However, many "Americans" are no longer taught what it means to be an American. Instead, many are taught and told that it is okay to live years and years off the labors of other people. They are told they "deserve" to be taken care of by other people.

It is time to STOP talking about Republicanism or Conservativism and put the focus back where it belongs -- on being an American. You cannot be an American and think it is okay to have the government constantly take things from your neighbor and give it to you. That is not an America idea. What is frightening is, many people who demand others pay for their lives; don't care what it means to be an American. These people are here to continue to leech off of others and there will always be politicians that will use these people to get elected. These politicians will tickle the ears of these people; giving them empty slogans to repeat such as; "Hope and Change", "Yes, We Can!", and "Moving Forward". And the leeches eat it up, chanting it over and over and demanding more of their neighbor's property.

It is a sad state when the last bastion, the last shining city on a hill becomes overrun by a mob claiming it is advancing "democracy". A popular but anonymous quote on democracy is:

"A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch."

In 1913 the individual states ratified an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would be the end to the individual states' voice in the federal government. The 17th Amendment changed how our founders envisioned our government to work, thus breaking it for all time. Originally, there were three branches of the U.S. government:

  1. Executive - President and staff
  2. Legislative - Congress and Senate
  3. Judicial - Supreme Court and lower courts

These branches were given separate but supposedly equal power. This was supposed to help balance the government so no branch dominated. But again, something major happened when the 17th Amendment was passed. Originally, the Congress was meant to be the "house" that would represent the people of each district of each state. The Senate was originally supposed to be the "house" that would represent the interests of the individual states; thus senators were NOT elected by the people but rather by the state governments. In this way, the interests of the people were balanced with the interests of their states -- since sometimes the people would be focused more on what was best for their individual district rather than the state as a whole.

Now, it is pointless to have a Congress and a Senate. Both are elected by the people and instead of balancing powers; they typically behave like football teams for the individual parties. THAT is how this country became so partisan. Now we have no separation of powers and instead two "houses" jockeying for the vote of the mob.

The U.S. government is broken. Americanism is dead in ironically America. The mass of people are every day manipulated to vote for more and more politicians that will gut our society such as they did with the 17 Amendment. There are even calls for disbanding the Constitution and rewriting a new one. What will government by mob rule look like? How long can the elitists presently in power control the mob. Eventually, mobs want more than their handlers can or are willing to take from their neighbors. Is it too late?

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