GOP First Debate 2015 Review


The Republican presidential debate hosted by FOXNEWS on August 6th 2015 was supposed to be a defining moment. Either bombastic candidate, Donald Trump was supposed to implode or dominate the debate. But instead, the average 8 minute speaking time between the top 10 candidates left little time for any of them to shine.

Rand Paul attempted to show that Trump has historically been all over the map when it comes to political principles. But the most fireworks came when host Megyn Kelly pushed Trump on the issue of his treatment of women. Trump tried to counter that the portrayal is misrepresenting his specific comments toward comedian Rosie O'Donnell.

The rest of the debate was unimpressive. It was the typical, tired politician-speak, promising things they can't possibly control or bragging about their record or trying to depict themselves as average Americans by telling us how their dad was a mailman.

I'm waiting for the next debate before I really begin to engage the platforms of these candidates since right now it seems like a beauty contest.

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