The Christian Psychosis


By psychosis I don't mean to imply Christians are crazy per se, after all I am a Christian and I hope I'm not crazy -- however as a humorous aside, how would a crazy person really know they are crazy?  Anyhow, by psychosis I do mean that many people who claim to be Christian do seem...well a bit odd.  I know, I know.  Define odd.  But I think most people know what I mean. 

Many Christians behave in an unstable or socially untenable manner. For example, many Christians while supposed to be well grounded in source-able biblical precepts are instead champions of vagaries.  Did I just prove my own point? 

Actually, what I mean is that many Christians will use phrases and concepts not even found in the Bible or if found in the Bible they so personalize the concept as to make it biblically unrecognizable.  An example of this is how many Christians speak of "love".  Unfortunately, many Christians will chastise others, even other Christians for being "unloving".  The problem is, it seems they define love as simply being overly nice, overly passive whereas the Bible defines love as obeying Jesus' commands (John 14:15).  This is what I meant by Christian psychosis.  It most likely has nothing to do with the person being a Christian.

This psychosis is also often manifested in aggressive rather than passive ways -- actually it is typically manifested in passive-aggressive ways.  An example of this is how some Christians view themselves as mighty righters of wrong, or master "apologists" out to defend the faith against all foes foreign and domestic -- against pagans and against supposed "wolves in sheep's clothing Christians".  That is the "aggressive" part.  The passive part is how such a person usually will only do this mighty "work" from a safe distance or when he or she has the backing of some support group, otherwise he or she is usually not really up to the task.  Please understand the distinction between this kind of person and the kind of person that ACTUALLY and simply points out facts, evidence, sources in an effort to distinguish Christian doctrine from all other ideology.  The latter kind is a REAL "apologist/defender" of historic Christianity.

But my question is, were these people in these psychoses BEFORE they ever claimed to be Christian?  I highly suspect they were.  Christianity simply becomes a conduit to channel the delusions of self-worth and ability.  The person is able to fashion a role for themselves.  They often will be narcissistic, calling on people to "watch what they do next" as if people are interested in and rely upon the person's ability or persona to guide them.  It really is a form of grandeur which is actually counter to the ideology of humility which is Christianity's core. 

If there were a way to go back and examine the lives and actions of these psychotics (wow, that didn't sound nice to even type), we would probably see they were like this even before claiming to be a Christian.  Self-absorbed, starving for attention, and being impressed with themselves.

I know, I know to say this is like a double-edged sword.  By pointing out this psychosis, maybe *I* am guilty of it?  Well, I'm always trying to self-assess why I do what I do, you know the whole "examine yourselves"  of 2 Cor 13:5.  I am convinced that the "disciples" mentioned in John 6:64-66 who after hearing Jesus tell them people can't even believe in Him unless the Father GRANTS it, I am convinced that some of these disciples as the text says abandoned Jesus specifically because they realized they weren't really Christians.  Perhaps they were following this Jesus guy around the countryside so they could see a cool miracle or because they wanted some of that free fish and chips He was handing out.

Look, I'm not trying to say who is and isn't a Christian EXCEPT that when folks inhabit more of a personal psychosis than textual, historical, biblical Christianity, then something else is going on there.  To make matters worse is when you have outright cults and heresies that are NOTHING like any kind of historic Christian expression yet these groups want to be accepted as "Christian".

I end with quoting 2 Cor 13:5

Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in
you?—unless indeed you are disqualified.

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