Brain Test


Brain Test

Which side of your brain is more dominant? This test by a German ad agency purports to have a 30 second visual test that determines which side of your brain is more in control. As you may know, it is said that most right-handed people are left-brained and left-handed people are right-brained. Also, the assumption is that this lateralization demonstrates whether the person is analytical or creative. However there is recent research that indicates the brain takes a more balanced approach.

I'm left-handed myself however I use a computer mouse with my right hand. I sometimes joke that all the left-handers should get together and push a class action lawsuit against door knob makers for all the emotional stress we suffer from having to open doors on the wrong side.

Seriously though, it is very interesting how many "creative" people are left-handed. It would seem this means something...doesn't it?

Anyhow, if you want to take the test give it try.

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