Campaign Plan


This campaign is following a plan...I'm not just making stuff up as I go. As a programmer, I typically write an outline of what I'm trying to accomplish and all the components needed. During the writing of the outline, I also consider as many consequences as possible and build in error trapping. I am doing the same here with this campaign. Everything is a process and understanding the components of a process is key to making it work properly.


First, is to prepare for the process. This is what I'm doing with this website. I must lay out my views/agenda as clearly but briefly as possible so that when the time comes for people to ask; "Who is this Roderick Edwards guy?", the content will be in place to answer their questions. I've looked at many career politicians processes and write-in candidate processes and sometimes there isn't much difference when it comes to explaining what they actually believe and hope to accomplish. I want the voter to understand what they are voting for up front.


Next, I plan to saturate the media pundits with my name and content. I will be sending emails encouraging them to interact with my content. Unlike "traditional" campaigns which begin with exploratory committees that determine where they can get funding; I am attempting to run a truly new kind of campaign based on the 21st century idea of social media. Just like when the ALS challenge caught fire and garnered participation around the world, my hope is to ask for help and not for money. Why do we think it is normal for a candidate to spend millions of dollars to get a job that only pays $400,000 a year?


Not every state allows for write-in presidential candidates, but for those that do I will begin filing in November 2014. Some of these states will require I have signed petitions from supporters. I will need your help with that.


Unlike a salesman, I have been fairly low-key on telling family and friends about my campaign. I've done this purposely because I am using it to measure the success of the campaign. I will consider the campaign moving in the right direction when family and friends come to me after hearing from some other source that I'm running for president.


My hope is that pundits and media will eventually request interviews with me. But as I do not have funds for extensive travel, I will need to conduct many of these through phone or video. Here again, I could use the help of supporters. Contact various news or media and ask them to interview Roderick Edwards.


I will be working to produce 60 second videos on almost every issue I address. This will help in the dissemination of the effort.


While the ultimate goal is to actually win the presidency, a side goal is to high-light how a citizen could actually run for president and what restrictions are in the way. I am neither a Ross Perot type with loads of money to get my name on the ballot nor a Ralph Nader type that runs for effect. My hope is to bring how the USA does politics to the forefront. I'm not unrealistic about my chances of winning, nor am I some crackpot trying to get attention. This website and effort serves the purpose of demonstrating a process; a process I will follow to the end...November 2016. Please join me!

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