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A historical and hypothetical look at sedition and rebellion; from Brutus betraying Caesar, to the American Revolution, to the current populist uprisings, to the Hong Protests to the soft coup against U.S. Trump. This book has it all!


Exploring how apparent coincidences & patterns in our lives might be the Universe attempting to communicate and direct us through "doors" of opportunity. This book attempts to reconcile human religion, science, and metaphysics. Available as an AUDIOBOOK!


An autobiographic of my adoption and reunion with my biological family at age 50, but it really is not a memoir as much as it is a book about living life and the struggles we all face to figure out who we are and our purpose.


Examining a strange religious cult that advocates that Jesus already came back in the year AD70, signified by the destruction of the Jewish temple at that time. Follow this fascinating position through its history as a commune in New York in the 1800s that practiced "marriageless sex", to how one of its proponents assassinated a U.S president, to its present day influence on Christianity.


Fictional tale of survival told from the perspective of a lone human existing on a strange planet, yet with no memory of who he is or how he arrived. Terrifying, sad, and yet glorious; this short story is full of relatable situations. How would you survive?


The spin-off/sequel of Togethermore, this book follows the real life RV adventures of two reunited adoptees as they steer their camper from campground to campground. There is humor and drama and just plain ole fun!


True story of a WW2 cargo pilot in the China-Burma-India theater who later becomes project head for the first U.S. satellites launched into space. But all of this could have been lost had it not been for the quick actions of one man at an auction that saved a trove of pictures and documents that bring this hero story to life. Open the metal footlocker and see what's inside.

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Books by RoderickE

The Universe: Of Every Religion and None
it was amazing
It isn't really about religion as much as it is about the living of life and how patterns makes apparent coincidences more meaningful and useful.
How to Overthrow a Government
it was amazing
This book explores the hypothetical overthrow of government and tracks from the rise of ancient Chinese farmers turning their farm tools into weapons, to the attempted impeachment of president Donald Trump. This book is a polisci's mecca.

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