American Middle Finger

Did America just flip off the entire world?

Between the line

On June 1st 2017, United States president, Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Change Accord; noting its potential to be like many other international accords and treaties that actually harm American sovereignty and liberty. This action has roiled many socialistic countries and their socialist supporters in the U.S. They claim it is like America is giving the middle finger to the rest of the world. You know what? That is exactly what we're doing. We've been doing that since our very founding. The original settlers to America gave the middle finger to the countries that tried to limit their freedom. The first Americans gave the middle finger to the way things have alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays been done, and we did it differently. We gave a big middle finger to the rest of the world when we decided to have a free nation governed as a Republic with an elected president instead of all the monarchies that existed at that time. Then, when we began to trade with the Europeans and our trade ships were being raided by Muslim pirates, we found out that had be going on for nearly 200 years and the Europeans kept paying the "radical Islamic terrorists" ransom money; again Americans gave the Europeans and the Muslims the middle finger. We decided we weren't going to keep paying the ransom so we kicked the Muslim's asses until they stopped. Oooops, were we supposed to do things the way things have alwaaaaaays been done?

But many Americans are ashamed of the very attitude that has made America different than every other country. The U.S. Constitution isn't merely a political document, it is a middle finger to the rest of the world. Americans wanted rights for individuals, not rights for kings and queens or "nobles" or snotty elitist media types who think they can lecture us into submission. The equality of individuals is more important than the equality of groups. The rest of the world is still behaving like that high school clique that wants to mock and bully you until you become part of the group. Sadly, many people who live in America are also trying to downplay if not altogether destroy American Exceptionalism. They want us to believe that the USA is just like any other nation. Never mind that we had to bail the rest of the world out of two world wars and even rebuild the aggressors nations. Yeah, I think we Americans can afford and deserve to give the rest of the world a little bit of a middle finger on their fake climate change con. They simply wanted to saddle America with guilt and have us pay "carbon taxes" which would have went straight into the coffers of other nations. F-off!