No Standing: No Personhood



In the days of old, when a bastard son or daughter were disclaimed by a king or queen, that didn't stop the potentiality of the heir to rise up and claim the throne. But in our orderly little sanitized world if you are given up for adoption then the court says you have no standing to contest anything. Your standing was severed. You were in essence bought and sold. You became the property of your adoptive parents. All your DNA matters not. In those same days of old, I would have mounted my steed, rode up to those "courts", unsheathed my axe and slain them all and then ask them who has standing? Fortunately for them we live in these wimpy ass times.

More to the point, my biological father more than likely didn't even know I existed. He didn't sever my standing yet some judge in some pompous black robe can decide if I can even protest a decision let alone be successful in the protest. You see, "no standing" isn't merely about whether you might win a case. It is about whether you can even participate in the decision.

Come now, Roderick Edwards & his sister Lori Lee Renæ; pro se they were given up for adoption at birth and 50 years later find their heritage; their birth family. Their biological parents long deceased. But a surviving paternal aunt; sister of their father remained. After a brief one year relationship with their elderly and ailing aunt, she distances herself after Roderick moves to be with his sister. The aunt dies, leaving her home to her other nephew who disclaims the inheritance. But instead of being given the opportunity to claim that last shred of their paternal heritage, Roderick and Lori are told by the court that they have "no standing" and the property is given to someone who is in no way related to their aunt. Is this justice?????? Again, if it were the old days, I would have corrected this injustice immediately. But alas, we have been forfeited our personhood at birth, and had it hidden from us for 50 years, and here now at this last stage of our lives people still will not let us speak in our own names. How about these words then? FUCK OFF!


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