Is There Racism Against Asians?



The new narrative from white liberals is that "Asians" are now the target of so-called "white supremacists". This narrative is being foisted on society via a crime against a massage parlor in March 2021. A man, (oh a white man I'm supposed to say here), killed 6 women of "Asian" descent and white women (I'm not supposed to put that part in there as it invalidates the narrative). Even though the suspect SPECIFICALLY said his motivation for the murders was his way of eliminating temptation as the man admitted to sexual addiction. Soooo, let's stop here for a moment and examine the narrative versus FACTS.

Liberals lumping people as Asians Racist to call Koreans, Chinese, Japanese merely "Asians"
Suspect motivated by race Suspect motivated by addiction
Crime part of larger anti-Asian racism Crime has nothing to do with race

But why would white liberals be interested in making this crime look like a white supremacist crime against a specific segment of the population? Well, in the same way white liberals have an interest in lumping brown and black people into a group they called "people of color". The white liberal politician has no voting "base". No specific group they can count on to vote for them. So, instead they must create groups and rile them up to vote. The sad part is that those groups don't see how they are being manipulated. It is insulting to corral people into groups when each person is an individual. To equate the plights of one segment of people to another is simply a political game. For instance, black Americans are now often lumped together with the plight of homosexual or transsexual people. This dilutes the plight of black Americans. Where one is merely born with the skin they have, and the other engages in distinctive practices. White liberal politicians must group people together into voting blocks. They must incite them to action. The best way to do that is claim that middle-class white people are racist against them...against ALL of them.

For a long time, so-called Asian people (because it's demeaning to lump Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians, Indians and any distinct group together like this) were lumped into "white people" by white liberals. Because Asians, did not fit the demographic that white liberals were trying to build. Asians that migrate to the USA often do not seek government assistance nor complain and protest about inequalities. Instead, they quietly employ their cultures' habit of self-reliance. Whether that comes in the form of a family owned business or working hard to make it into a university. So, it has been difficult for the white liberal politician to lump Asians into a "marginalized" group where they can manipulate them for voting purposes. But now, the white liberal is ramping up the effort to include Asians as "pocs" or people of color against white people. To this point, when these massage parlor murders occurred, white liberals on social media were quick to post yellow squares that they hoped would convey solidarity with Asians. Instead, it conveyed just how racist white liberals really are. I mean, if it is racist to call a Native American, a "red skin", it is equally racist to call an Asian person a "yellow skin". The white liberals might as well used mascara and posted pics of themselves with slanted eyes. That is how out of touch white liberals are.

In fact, historically white liberals have been hostile towards "Asians". It was FDR, the hero-president of the left that actually forced second and third generation Japanese Americans into REAL concentration camps, seizing all their property in the process. It was white liberals that made quotas AGAINST Asians in universities because Asians typically scored higher and often squeezed out Hispanics and Blacks. Asians were considered the new "Jews" of the world, as it was the German Socialists (ie Nazis) that were racists against the Jews.

But now, the white liberals see an opportunity to further their control over "minorities". White liberals are the fake champions of civil rights when in reality, white liberals literally created the KKK, Jim Crow laws and turned dogs and hoses on black Americans in the 1960s and even as late as 2020 had a white liberal presidential candidate that claimed if black people didn't vote for him, then "they ain't black".

White liberals are trying to once again fool a segment of people into the delusion that white liberals care about them. Malcolm X understood the tactics of the white liberal when he said:

"The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.
Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the political politician of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders." -- Malcolm X

For many years I've thought white supremacy was on the fringes of society and that their numbers were paltry. I actually believe this is still true but in order for the socialist agenda attention has to be directed towards this ineffective group in order to divert attention away from reality. Covid 19 compliance, Trump supporters, conservatives, Law abiding gun owners, Patriots, churches, non compliant businesses (won't bake a cake for a gay couple getting married), Honest election questioners, , climate change deniers, and anyone else who uses reason and facts to determine how they stand on an issue are the new enemy to be feared. The financing of these predominantly white people are being attacked and cancelled. The hatred of this group can only eventually lead to more and more violence. A book I read, "On Killing" stated the Viet Nam Conflict was the most successful in getting a much larger number of troops to kill the enemy. The propaganda enabled the troops to do this because we more effectively dehumanized the enemy than ever before.

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