Everyone VS You

Are you your own person or are you defined by your membership with some group?


We want to think of ourselves as independent individuals, to be judged or assessed on our own merits, but if we present our group affiliation before anything else then that is how people will see us. If we first tell people about our race or our nationality or our religion then that is who we are before we are an individual human. Further, when it comes to your identity as an individual you will not only have those attributes you purposely project but other people will impose definitions on you. How do you present yourself as a true individual?

As we have seen from the political protests in 2017, people often simply want to be part of something. They do not usually have clearly defined motives or goals for being part of the group. Once we allow ourselves to be grouped we are easily categorized, and perhaps that's the reason some politicians encourage groups. A group is easier to manipulate as a voting block. The politician can appeal to or trigger the group into action. Individuals are difficult to predict much less control.


This is the very unique aspect of the American Constitution; it was designed for the individual person, and not so much for "the people", at least not as some defined demographic. The Constitution addresses the rights of the individual; rights that are innate and cannot be taken away by laws or mobs. The Founders of America studied history and found three primary rights that are part of being human and perhaps of being a living creature:

  1. LIFE - the right to live and remain alive.
  2. LIBERTY - the right to be free and remain free.
  3. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - the right to try to be happy and remain happy.

These aren't mere pithy political platitudes. Creatures of all sorts must assert their right to be alive otherwise someone or something will take away that life. Further, if you do not assert your freedom, someone will attempt to take away your freedom. They may even tell you that you must give away your freedom for some other gain, such as security or comfort or for others. Lastly, while you have no promise in life that you will be happy, part of the desire to live is being happy. If you stop trying to be happy you will have less or perhaps no reason or desire to live. If you have little reason to live, you won't care if you are free or not.

So, when I say it is everyone versus you, I mean it in this sense; that you are responsible for maintaining and asserting your 3 primary rights. If you stop asserting them then any other rights granted to you by governments are pointless. The reality is, once you allow other people to take away any of these 3 primary rights, the others follow. Of course sometimes these rights are taken away by our own actions. A person who commits an offense against a society (a group) that he or she is member, that group may take away some or all of your primary rights. The key is not merely to not offend the group, since that may be impossible as many groups are hypocritical and corrupt; the key is to not be part of the group in the first place. But how can this be done? Don't we have to live among societies? While there are ways to drop out to some degree, it seems impossible to really disconnect ourselves from all groups. But if we minimize our participation in regulatory groups we may avoid them imposing on our primary rights.


People will claim you don't want to be responsible to anyone or that you hate authority. What does this shaming mean? What is the intent? To get you to participate and come under subjection to the group. The group derives its power from being a group. The more people you can get to show up at a protest holding signs and chanting slogans, the more you can force others to comply with your demands. Ironically, the primary rights are your responsibility before the group. If you waive this responsibility, someone else may claim it. The government may claim it will determine your life. It will determine your freedoms. It will determine what kinds of things can be pursued to make a person happy and what things are forbidden.


Obviously, what I am describing is not a current reality. People for the most part can't live how they want. People can't be as free as they want. People can't do what makes them happy. Most of us wake up, go to a job for 8 or more hours, come home and do a few things, sleep and repeat the process for 50 years or more. How can we assert our primary rights?