Alternative To Trump



Who is the alternative to Trump? Who is the 3rd party alternative? Who is the independent alternative? That may be the question people will be asking themselves as the general election approaches.
It is clear that both Republican and Democrat voters are disillusioned by their parties. On the right, you have conservatives that have grown tired of hearing how things will change if only the Republicans gain control of the Senate, or the Congress, or the presidency or the Supreme Court. When they have control of these branches of government, they never seem to implement the promises to their voters.

On the left, the constant class warfare is getting old. The so-called millennials aren't buying the same ole lines. They want their utopia now. Bernie Sanders was becoming the vehicle for that realization until it became obvious that the DNC had already chosen Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama; after all, Obama kind of stole the election from Hillary in 2008. According to Democrat establishment politics, it's Hillary's "turn".

So who do disenchanted and disenfranchised voters turn to if they don't like either nominee? Is there a viable, and electable alternative? Both Republicans and Democrats don't want an establishment candidate. They don't want someone who has been in politics for their entire lives. They want someone that will lead the country in the next millennium. They want a tech savvy, social media savvy candidate that is like them. They want someone who understands their world. The only problem is, when the electorate get such a candidate they won't actually vote for him or her. Instead, they project those attributes onto the current candidates. Who thinks Hillary can operate a cell phone? Who thinks Sanders actually tweets on his own Twitter account? Who thinks Trump can parse java script? But the people will pretend these politicians are like them. They want to believe they understand them.


Roderick Edwards is the alternative candidate for president 2016

Roderick Edwards announced his candidacy in October 2015. He has presented a very detailed platform on a wide range of issues both domestic and international. Roderick Edwards is NOT a politician and more like you than any other candidate in the last 100 years. He has been employed since age 16. He understands and uses social media and can and does program in languages such as CSS, php, java script, VBA, HTML and more. He doesn't just pretend to be tech savvy.

In the age of Gofundme and crowd sourcing, why can't we elect a president in a new way? Why do we have to go through the same old motions and same old games played by both parties? Why do we have to elect their predetermined candidates? Why do we have to worry that we are somehow getting scammed? This is the reason candidates like Trump and Sanders appeal to people? People see those candidates as outside the mainstream. They see someone who; love them or hate them, speaks their mind and tells it like it is. People are willing to take a chance to see if something different happens.

But come November 2016 who will the voters elect? Will they really support Trump or Sanders or will we be left holding our noses to vote for Hillary or Marco Rubio? Will it be another election of the lesser of two evils? Instead, tell someone about Roderick Edwards, the third party independent alternative. Contact the media and let them know there is an alternative to Trump, an alternative to Ted Cruz, and the others. Roderick Edwards at his core is American and for America; the America founded by George Washington AND the America envisioned by Martin Luther King jr. Roderick Edwards would "make America great again" by making America America again. The real HOPE AND CHANGE you thought you were going to get with Obama is attainable if we stop electing frauds and instead elect Rod. Roderick Edwards.