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Former Rep. Riggleman: Republicans Tried To Destroy Our Institutions Because They Believe "In Some Troll Farm Nonsense"

Fri, 09/30/2022 - 01:45
Former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace: "I think that's what it is, is how dare somebody make things up to win regardless, right? Try to destroy our institutions because you believe in some troll farm nonsense coming from, you know, basement dwellers, you know, talking about Stop the Steal conspiracy theories. That's all based on another basement dweller like Roger Stone." (via Breitbart Video)

Goya CEO Bob Unanue: Work Gives Purpose, They Want To Incentivize You Not To And Enslave You

Fri, 09/30/2022 - 01:07
Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue on Thursday's edition of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' said people are being incentivized not to work and there is an effort to take your purpose and identity away by the "very few who want to own us, enslave us, control us, for their own greed and power." TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: So you have heard, you run this huge company, and you've heard that you're the reason that food prices are up. Is that true? BOB UNANUE, GOYA CEO: Not true, Tucker. Thank you for your courage in speaking the truth. I'd like to say our hearts, our prayers, and our help, because we are in Puerto Rico and Florida, go out to the victims of Fiona and Ian. At the core of inflation, and it's out of control, especially in food, is evil. Our desire to control us. When I was a child, my parents said, never take candy from a stranger. And they're giving out candy, incentivizing people not to work. They're taking away our purpose, our spirit, our reason to get up every day. And they're doing it without their own candy. They're taking our candy, and using it to incentivize us not to, that's very inflationary. CARLSON: I think you're the only person I've heard say that, that this is an intentional effort to take people's purpose for living away, which is work, the act of creation. That's why we're alive. Why does nobody say that? UNANUE: Well, you know, we were an essential business, Tucker. We never stopped working. But work is essential. It gives us our reason. You know, God -- I love this gal [Giorgia] Meloni from Italy, you know she has this fascist speak, God, family, country. You know, you need to have a purpose. She says we all have our genetic code. Each one of us is made in the likeness of God with our own identity. So we all have a purpose. Now, you take that purpose away by the very few who want to own us, enslave us, control us, for their own greed and power.

WH's Kirby Explains Biden Demand For Oil Companies Not To Raise Gas Prices: "He Just Wanted To Lay Down A Marker"

Fri, 09/30/2022 - 00:40
White House NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby on Thursday explained what President Joe Biden meant when he ordered American oil producers not to use Hurricane Ian as a reason to raise gas prices the day prior. "The president had made a point yesterday of saying and warning to U.S. oil and gas companies, don't even think about taking advantage of this or fooling around with prices or essentially gouging. And yet there's been no evidence of that. And why did he say that?" FOX Business host Neil Cavuto asked Kirby. "I think the president wanted to make it very clear to them, as well as to the good people of Florida, that he wants the residents of Florida to get back on their feet as quickly as possible, as smoothly and as efficiently as possible," Kirby said. "But that hasn't happened, right, John? It hasn't happened. I'm just wondering. There's been a run on gas stations that have run out of gas. That's not the gas companies' fault. I'm just wondering where that came in," Cavuto said. "I think he just wanted to lay down a marker, Neil," Kirby responded. "I think he felt it was really important that the people of Florida know that the president and the federal government is behind them, and we're going to do everything we can to help them back on their feet. And that includes being watchful and mindful and vigilant about anybody that might try to take advantage of the situation." "I think this came from the heart," Kirby said. "This came from a president who cares about the people of Florida, wants to make sure that they're getting all the support that they need." "I see what you're saying there, but it's sort of asking, how long have you been beating your wife? How do these guys defend themselves and say it's not happening?" Cavuto asked. "We haven't seen that happen," Kirby acknowledged. "And we don't want to see that happen. I think the president wanted to lay down a marker that we're going to be watching for this, that this is not the time to be trying to profiteer off other people's tragedies." "Again, no evidence that is going on, but we will see," Cavuto said.

Michigan GOP Gov Nominee Tudor Dixon Ad: Gretchen Whitmer Wants "A Drag Queen In Every Classroom"

Fri, 09/30/2022 - 00:01
A new ad from Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Abortion Is Part Of The "Class Struggle," A Way To Keep The Workforce Conscripted

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 22:57
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called abortion rights a "profound economic issue" for women at a House Committee on Oversight and Reform virtual hearing on Thursday. Ocasio-Cortez said abortion is part of the "class struggle" and shared that she has an IUD and has had one for years. "I think it's important to state that abortion is an economic issue," Ocasio-Cortez said. "Forcing poor and working-class people to give birth against their will, against their consent, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue. And it's certainly a way to keep a workforce basically conscripted to large-scale employers and to employers to be -- to work more against their will, to take second and third jobs against their desire and their own autonomy." "The idea that abortion and access to abortion is somehow not a profound and central part of the economic and class issue and class struggle is certainly something I think a person who has never had to contend with the ability to carry a child, it belies that perspective," she said. AOC also said the people who believe COVID is just a flu are "now trying to tell us that transgender people aren't real."

Rep. @AOC (D-NY): The same folks who tell us … that COVID's just a flu, that climate change isn't real, that January 6th was just nothing but a tourist visit, are now trying to tell us that transgender people aren't real.

- The Recount (@therecount) September 29, 2022

"Intelligence Squared" Debates: Should We Use Gene Editing To Make Better Babies?

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 21:07
Via Intelligence Squared -- A genetic disease runs in your family. Your doctor tells you that, should you wish to have a child, that child is likely to also carry the disease. But new gene-editing technology could change your fate. It could ensure that your baby is -- and remains -- healthy. Even more, it could potentially make sure your grandchildren are also free of the disease. What do you do? Now, imagine it's not a rare genetic disorder, but a general illness, or eye color, cognitive ability, or athleticism. Do you opt into this new world of genetically edited humans? And what if it's not just you. What your friends, neighbors, and colleagues are also embracing this genetic revolution? Right now, science doesn't give you that choice. But huge advancements in CRISPR technology are making human gene editing a reality. In fact, in 2018, a Chinese scientist announced the first genetically modified babies; twin girls made to resist HIV, smallpox, and malaria. The promise of this technology is clear. But gene editing is not without its perils. Its critics say the technology is destined to exacerbate inequality, pressure all parents (and nations) into editing their children to stay competitive and meddling with the most basic aspect of our humanity. In this context, we ask the question: Should we use gene editing to make better babies? For the Motion Dr. George Church, Professor of Genetics, Harvard and MIT & Founder, Personal Genome Project Dr. George Church is a geneticist and molecular engineer who is working to revive the extinct woolly mammoth. He is the Robert Winthrop professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and professor of health sciences and technology at Harvard and MIT. Dr. Church developed methods used for the first genome sequence and founded the Personal Genome Project. He has earned dozens of awards and honors, including Time's 100 Most Influential People, and is the author of 490 papers, 130 patent publications, and the book Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves. Amy Webb, Futurist & Author, The Genesis Machine Amy Webb is an award-winning author and futurist. She is the founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute and was named one of five women changing the world by Forbes. Her new book, "The Genesis Machine," explores the future of synthetic biology, including human gene editing. Webb is a professor of strategic foresight at New York University's Stern School of Business and has been elected a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Against the Motion Marcy Darnovsky, Executive Director, Center for Genetics and Society Marcy Darnovsky is a policy advocate and one of the most prominent voices on the politics of human biotechnology. As executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society, Darnovsky is focused on the social justice and public interest implications of gene editing. This work is informed by her background as an organizer and advocate in a range of environmental and progressive political movements. Francoise Baylis, Philosopher & Author, Altered Inheritance Francoise Baylis is a philosopher whose innovative work in bioethics, at the intersection of policy and practice, has stretched the very boundaries of the field. She is the author of "Altered Inheritance: CRISPR and the Ethics of Human Genome Editing," which explores the scientific, ethical, and political implications of human genome editing. Baylis is a research professor at Dalhousie University and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. In 2017, she was awarded the Canadian Bioethics Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gaffe Alert: VP Kamala Harris Praises Wrong Korea During Visit To DMZ

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 18:08
The RNC rapid response account added this to the slideshow of verbal slipups from Vice President Kamala Harris. More from this speech:

"U.S. shares very important relationship, alliance with Republic of North Korea. Alliance that is strong and enduring. Today there were several demonstrations of just that point. Here you see at DMZ U.S. soldiers serving shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers from Republic of Korea."

- Howard Mortman (@HowardMortman) September 29, 2022 More coverage of her trip to Korea: Vice President Kamala Harris made her first visit to the Demilitarize Zone separating the two Koreas on Thursday and took a close look at the North from an observation platform. The vice president's gaffe came one day after the rogue nation tested a ballistic missile.

Thursday: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Press Conference As Hurricane Ian Strikes

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 18:02
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will host a press conference Thursday afternoon about how the state is dealing with the landfall of Hurricane Ian.

WH Hosts First-Ever "United States-Pacific Island Country Summit"

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 17:54
President Biden will hosts representatives from several Pacific island countries, including the Cook Islands and Niue, which the U.S. will recognize as independent states for the first time, White House Fact Sheet: Roadmap for a 21st-Century U.S.-Pacific Island Partnership

Guardian's Hugo Lowell: 1/6 Committee's Message That Republicans "Still Pose A Threat To Democracy" Is Compelling

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 15:16
The Guardian's Hugo Lowell on January 6 and the Republican Party: "Between now and the midterms, they have to reschedule this hearing some point before the midterms. When are they going to hold it? Are they going to hold it next week? Possibly. But they could also push it back later in October to be really close to the election. If they do it then, I think we can a expect a more full throated hearing where they get into what kind of what Republicans were doing before and after January 6 and the fact that they still pose a threat to democracy and I think that is a compelling message ahead of the midterms."

Huckabee: Amy Klobuchar Warned If We Didn't Pass Inflation Reduction Act More Hurricanes Would Happen

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 14:55
Mike Huckabee on 'Hannity' talked about Sen. Amy Klobuchar's (D-MN) comments on Hurricane Ian. "One thing they didn't do is to try to tell us that Congress could change all of this. Amy Klobuchar in the U.S. Senate intimated that the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act would have a real impact on hurricanes. This is when people start worshipping that which is created rather than the Creator." 'New York Post' Article on Klobuchar's comments:

Did Amy Klobuchar just suggest voting for Democrats will stop hurricanes?

"We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades. That's why [Democrats] have to win this as that hurricane bears down on Florida."

- RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 27, 2022

Wife Of Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck: "It's Hard To Express How Traumatized We All Are"

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 14:43
Ryan-Marie Houck, wife of pro-life activist Mark Houck and their attorney Peter Breen join 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to share details and fallout from the FBI raid on their personal home. RYAN-MARIE HOUCK: It was devastating. I mean, as you can imagine it's hard to even express, the victimization and, you know, how traumatized we all are, due to this unnecessary, thing that happened to us, you know, so. TUCKER CARLSON: How many FBI agents -- it's hard even to imagine given that neither you, nor your husband, or seven children have been accused of a violent crime, accused of violence. How many FBI agents with guns showed up at your house? HOUCK: It had -- it had to have been 20, 25, 30. I mean we have a large property. My entire front yard, umm, you could barely see it, it was covered with at least 15 big trucks and cars. There were, you know, like I said, 20, 25, 30, men, women, completely in jackets with shields and helmets and guns. They were behind cars. It was, I mean, something I never would expect to see on my front lawn. It was crazy. CARLSON: Yeah. Maybe in China oar Venezuela. Peter Breen is your attorney. We're happy you're here, Mr. Breen. Have you ever seen anything like this ever in this country? PETER BREEN: Not at all. This is reckless and outrageous. It put the Hauck family in unnecessary danger. We offered to bring him in. Didn't get a response. Even if you are going to arrest a regular person, you send a couple of agents knock on the door. Not dragging the head of the family out violently. You don't violate the sanctity of the home, pointing guns at them. This is outrageous and uncalled for. CARLSON: Were we right in saying that local authorities had assessed the alter caution between Mr. Houck and the extremist who attacked his son and decided not to press charges against anyone. Is that correct? BREEN: The Philadelphia DA refused to press charges, and he's not a friend of pro-life. He's a Soros ally. Then the alleged victim filed a complaint, which the courts threw out because the guy couldn't bother to he show up for the hearings. The local court system would have dealt with it, if there was a crime, and they said no. That's where the matter ended. This was not a federal crime. We have controlling case law on that, strong defenses, but instead they've taken an innocent man and made an example out of him, presumably to send a message to pro-life people, people of faith across this country.

White House "Doubles Down" on Biden's Gaffe About Late Congresswoman and the GOP's New Plan for the Culture Wars

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 14:33
White House correspondent Phil Wegmann joins Washington bureau chief Carl Cannon to discuss President Biden's recent gaffe concerning the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, (R-Ind.) White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the gaffe in the White House briefing, as reporters sought to clarify the President's words. Also, a look at a new Republican Study Committee policy memo, called the Family Policy Agenda, which includes more than 80 recommendations that they will try to make law if the GOP wins control of Congress.

Peter Beinart: When Giorgia Meloni Slams "Financial Speculators" She Is Talking About Jewish People

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 14:17
MSNBC political analyst Peter Beinart joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss the next Italian prime minister: MEHDI HASAN: When we talk about financial speculators, especially being to blame for all of society's problems, how much of that rhetoric sounds like the 1930s when it comes from someone like Meloni? PETER BEINART: It's very problematic, it's really important to make a distinction right? Bernie Sanders talks about the problem of global financial systems, talks about income inequality, but when he talks about it, he specifically names the kind of people who he's talking about. And the people who he names are the people who he names because of the particular role they play in the economy. Right? Not because they are Jews, and he also has an economic agenda that is focused on progressive economic change. What you see with right-wing figures like Meloni, and also those in our own country like Donald Trump, is that they use this populist economic language but their policies actually exacerbate the problems of global inequality. So what they do is they hijack what appears like a left wing economic agenda, but they give this sinister cultural vale. So the problem with financial speculators is not actually a term about someone in an economic profession, it's actually a coded way of talking about a certain ethnic or national group the Jewish people.

Niall Ferguson On Giorgia Meloni: She Is Using Language You Might Expect To Hear From Ron DeSantis

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 13:49
Hoover Institution's Niall Ferguson talks about the results in Italy and the accusations of Giorgia Meloni being a fascist. "If you read the New York Times of course, it's always the rise of fascism somewhere in the world isn't it? The Fratelli d'Italia is not a direct lineal descendant of Mussolini's party. It's one of those parties that has been identified with the cultural right in Italy. If you listen to Meloni she talks about family, she talks about church, she's an absolutely classic culture war politician. In that sense quite a modern figure if you look at the policy detail, she's a good deal less radical than Matteo Salvini, the leader of another right-wing populist party. Salvini if you remember when he was doing well politically a few years ago was anti-Europe in a pretty combative way to the point of implying that he might take Italy out of the Euro. Meloni is not at all in that vein, she's distinctly centrist on economic policy and she's also far from rocking the boat on Ukraine policy. Whereas Salvini has often sounded like he's distinctly paly with Vladimir Putin like Sylvia Berlusconi, that is not at all Meloni's line. So I think that this is to misrepresent her to imply that somehow the fascists are in power in Italy. If you listen to a recent speech she gave, I actually was rather impressed by it, especially when she got to the quotation from G.K. Chesterton. So culture war is really what this is about she's there campaigning for traditional values and using language that you might very well expect to hear from Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida."

Tucker Carlson: Biden Is Using The FBI To Intimidate His Critics, Sent SWAT Team To Raid Pro-Life Activist

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 13:29
Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out Biden for allegedly using the FBI intimidate his critics on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight:' TUCKER CARLSON: Earlier this month, a longtime FBI agent and SWAT team veteran called Steve Friend came forward to blow the whistle on what he has seen happen to the FBI under Joe Biden and what he said was shocking. According to Agent Friend, Biden's FBI routinely uses heavily armed SWAT teams to raid the homes of American citizens who dare to criticize the administration. Now, to be clear, these are people who pose no danger to anyone. These are people who haven't even been accused, much less convicted of a violent crime. So, the point is not to bring justice. The point is to terrify and intimidate Joe Biden's political opponents. It's hard to believe that's happening, but it is. Last year, to name just one example, the FBI's counterterrorism division raided the home of a 69-year-old Red Cross volunteer called Joseph Bolanos. An anonymous snitch had claimed that Bolanos was at the Capitol on January 6, nobody did anything violent, but he was there and turns out that wasn't even true. It was a lie, but the feds moved forward and destroyed Bolanos' life anyway. They showed up with guns. They stole his electronic devices, and they refused to return them. The whole experience was so traumatic that Joseph Bolanos suffered two strokes. Well, on September 19, the FBI suspended Agent Steve Friend for daring to reveal what was happening, these abuses. Now it's illegal under federal law to punish whistleblowers, but the FBI did it anyway. And then four days later, with Friend out of the way, on the morning of September 23, a team of nearly 30 FBI agents bristling with automatic weapons raided the home of yet another harmless man with no criminal record. That man's name was Mark Houck. Houck is 47. He's a leader in his local Catholic community. FBI agents pointed rifles at Houck and his wife in front of their seven children. Once again, to be clear, Houck is not a terrorist. He's never been accused of terrorism. He is instead a pro-lifer. Houck founded an organization called The King's Men. It's a pro-life group that encourages men to be leaders in their communities. Now, to give you a sense of who Houck, we want to play this for you. Here he is describing the experience he had earlier this year, praying outside an abortion clinic with his son. MARK HOUCK: A woman came out who had an abortion and we offered her some post-abortion healing. And, well, we just said, 'We'll pray for you' and as we were praying the sorrowful mysteries, I brought my son over, I said, "Come on, let's kneel down. We're going to do this and we're going to leave." She got into it. She started attacking us personally while we were praying the sorrowful mysteries. I said, "Son, this is what the Lord's talking about when He said 'They hated me. They're going to hate you. They persecuted me. They're going to--' I whispered this to him and she was spewing all this vulgarity onto him on me and, you know, I just saw this is what it's going to take. This is what we have to do. This is part of the journey. So that's Mark Houck. Now, he's a religious man. Not everyone is a religious person. Not everyone agrees with Mark Houck, but there's no doubt that Mark Houck is a peaceful, is a nonviolent person. In October of last year, Houck was standing outside another abortion clinic in Pennsylvania. He was joined again by his 12-year-old son. That's when a man approached and began harassing the boy. To defend his son, Houck pushed the extremist back. That was it. Local police looked into it. The district attorney's office looked into it. Nobody pressed charges against Mark Houck because it's not assault to protect your son from an extremist who's attacking him. But the Biden Justice Department decided to revise this view and they charged Mark Houck with a federal crime, a felony, obstructing abortion access. There was no evidence that he had obstructed abortion access, but that's what they charged him with. Now, Houck learned about three months ago that DOJ planned to charge him, and he offered to turn himself in voluntarily. That's what a civilized country allows, but that wasn't good enough for Merrick Garland's DOJ. They wanted to punish him and terrify his family, to send the right message to anyone who would dare get in the way of the Biden agenda. So the DOJ sent a team of federal agents with rifles to Houck's home. He now faces 11 years in prison for protecting his son. Now, again, it's hard to believe that any of that actually happened, but it actually did.

Joe Walsh: Democrats Need To Call Republicans And Tucker Carlson Out For Being Racist

Thu, 09/29/2022 - 02:29
MSNBC appearance-maker and former one-term Republican Congressman Joe Walsh criticized Republicans for running on a law and order agenda and called on Democrats to continue to say Republicans are racist in an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan's program. "As someone who played in that game and played in right-wing media, it's all about fear," Walsh said. "It's all about fear. And much of that fear, Mehdi, is racist, is bigoted, no doubt about that. And I think that's part of how Democrats need to fight back and be offensive. Call Republicans out for doing that. Call Republicans out and right-wing media out for being racist. It's not like there are convenience stores in every city around America where this kind of stuff is happening. But Tucker Carlson and [Sean] Hannity will take one incident like that, Mehdi, and blow it up and scare people into thinking it's happening everywhere. That's the point and that's where Democrats need to punch back."

Intelligence Squared Debate: Will Artificial Intelligence Do More Harm Than Good?

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 23:17
Via Intelligence Squared -- Is it true that artificial intelligence will do more harm than good? Proponents say it will help us solve problems like climate change and world hunger, while eliminating dangerous and mundane jobs. But critics warn that A.I.'s current trajectory is a dangerous one, which will likely concentrate power, reduce jobs, surveil consumers and voters alike, and threaten democracy. What's more, some people say these conditions are not based on science fiction, but are already in the process of afflicting us, given the number of algorithms we engage with on a daily basis. So, could artificial intelligence be used to help solve some of the world's most pressing challenges and level the playing field, or will it present perils that far outweigh any good it might do? Yes Daron Acemoglu, Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Acemoglu has taught at MIT since 1993. Ranked third, behind Paul Krugman and Greg Mankiw, in the list of "Favorite Living Economists Under Age 60" in a 2011 survey among American economists, he is the third most frequently cited author on college syllabi for economics courses. Acemoglu is the author of several books, and has examined the effects of automation and US tax system. No Darrell West, Vice President and Director of Governance Studies at Brookings Institution West is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of TechTank, and his current research focuses on artificial intelligence, robotics, and the future of work. Prior to coming to Brookings, he was the John Hazen White Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Director of the Taubman Center for Public Policy at Brown University. His books include Power Politics: Trump and the Assault on American Democracy (Brookings Press, 2022), Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (with co-author John R. Allen; Brookings Press, 2020), Divided Politics, Divided Nation (Brookings Press, 2019) and The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation (Brookings Press, 2018).

Biden Asks Where Dead Congresswoman Is At WH Hunger Conference: "Where's Jackie?"

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 22:26
President Joe Biden asked where deceased Indiana Congresswoman Rep. Jackie Walorski was in the crowd in a speech at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health on Wednesday. Walorski died in a car crash earlier this year. "So many of you know so much about this as well, and you're committed. And I want to thank all of you here for -- including bipartisan elected officials like representative of government, Senator Braun, Senator Booker, Representative Jackie -- are you here? Where's Jackie? I think she went out. She was going to be here, to help make this a reality," Biden said.

MSNBC's Joy Reid: Ron DeSantis Fighting With Mickey Mouse While Hurricane Approaches

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 21:19
MSNBC's Joy Reid said Tuesday that "preparing for and dealing with hurricanes is kind of what Florida governors do" and Hurricane Ian means Ron DeSantis is being challenged to do something other than the culture war to vie for potential 2024 voters' attention. "While DeSantis is fighting with Mickey Mouse and scoring hits on FOX News, Florida teachers are fleeing his state, climate change is ravaging the coast, and the state's home insurance market is literally collapsing, leaving thousands of Floridians in danger of having no coverage for their homes when natural disasters like Hurricane Ian strike," Reid said. "President Biden has pre-emptively declared a state of emergency and already sent aid," she added. "In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has spent the majority of his term waging culture wars against Disney while pretty openly running for president on the side," Reid said on MSNBC Tuesday. "He is doing this as his audition to have Joe Biden's job, but is that what voters really hire an executive for?" Read more via Daily Mail: Joy Reid is slammed for comparing Florida residents fleeing Hurricane Ian to illegal migrants flooding over the border in a "shameful" attempt to politicize the natural disaster DeSantis hurricane coverage: