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Democrats Schedule A Hearing On Climate Change, Then Fail To Show Up

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 18:39
We’re constantly told that climate change is a “threat” or a “crisis.” We’re told we have 10 or 12 years to live — even though we were told that 10 or 12 years ago, too.

Two Nuclear Powers Close To War. Here's The Latest.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 17:52
Tensions between India and Pakistan, both of which possess nuclear weapons, have risen to a fever pitch after India, retaliating for the Jaish-e-Muhammad attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama that killed 40 soldiers, launched a strike on a terrorist camp in Pakistan on Tuesday.

FINALLY! A Native American Tribe Has Offered Elizabeth Warren Membership. There's Just One Problem.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 17:48
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has finally gotten her dearest wish: a Native American tribe has offered her official membership within their ranks, thus rendering her claims of Native American ancestry official by most objective standards. There's just one problem: the tribe is unrecognized and is made up of individuals who have been rejected by real Native American tribes for lacking evidence of ancestry.

WATCH: Oklahoma High School Student Encounters Boy Wearing MAGA Hat And Trump 2020 Flag. Then This Happens.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 17:07
On Monday, an 18-year-old Oklahoma high school student who encountered another student wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump 2020 flag like a cape, blocked the other student from passing him, and snapped, “Take it off or I'll rip it off… do you want me to rip it off?” and "You going to rip it off or am I going to burn it?" before knocking off the hat and ripping the flag away so he could throw it on the ground.

WATCH: Here's The Moment That Got Some Reporters Barred From Trump-Kim Dinner

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 17:07
After his initial meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday, some American reporters began shouting questions about convicted felon Michael Cohen's testimony against Trump in front of Congress this week. While Trump ignored the questions in the moment, they didn't go unnoticed. According to multiple reports, those reporters were barred from attending a follow-up dinner — and some promptly took to Twitter to complain about it.

KNOWLES: Here's How Trump Can Crack The Left's Gender Ideology

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:34
Michael Knowles discusses the Left's radical approach to gender ideology and offers his idea on how the Right, and specifically President Donald Trump, can combat this on a practical level on Tuesday's episode of "The Michael Knowles Show." Transcript and video below.

KLAVAN: Republican Lawmakers Call Out Democrats Over Infanticide Bill

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:26
On Tuesday's episode of "The Andrew Klavan Show," bestselling author Andrew Klavan discusses Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse's response to the Democrat Party's block of a bill that protects infants born alive after botched abortions. Transcript and video below.

Former Bernie Sanders Aide Calls Team Clinton ‘Biggest A**holes In American Politics’

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:21
They’re like a cranky old couple bickering and snippering at each other in Ikea as they clash over whether to buy the Gronkulla or the Knutstorp. Bernie Sanders, 77, and Hillary Clinton, 71, are back at it again, squabbling and wrangling over Every. Tiny. Thing. And not a moment too soon. The curmudgeonly socialist from Vermont is ramping up his 2020 election campaign and the grumpy, caftan-clad grandmother is mulling her options.

Ellen Page Speaks Out After Blaming VP Pence For Smollett Hate Crime. She’s Not Sorry.

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:13
Two days after "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett claimed he was the victim of a hate crime perpetrated by two white supporters of President Donald Trump, actress Ellen Page appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and blamed Vice President Mike Pence for the attack.

BAD NEWS FOR ABORTION CHAMPIONS: Poll Shows Tremendous Surge For Pro-Life Position

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:01
A mid-February poll found that for the first time in 10 years, the percentage of Americans who were pro-life had risen to tie the percentage of Americans who were pro-choice.

Here Are The Checks Cohen Claims Are Evidence Of Trump’s Role In Stormy ‘Hush Money’ Deal

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 16:01
On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump's former personal lawyer — who has since "flipped" on him, and been sentenced to three years in prison — began his testimony to the House Oversight Committee.

Ep. 726 - Cohen Of Shame

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 15:55

‘Have Fun In Prison!’: RNC Remembers What Investigators Said Of Michael Cohen’s Lies

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 15:42
The Republican National Committee on Wednesday tried to remind people what has been said about the lies of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney. In an email sent Wednesday morning before Cohen was set to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, the RNC noted what prosecutors from the Southern District of New York and the Special Counsel’s Office have said about Cohen’s propensity to lie.

Democrats Forced To Vote On The Crap They Believe In [Satire]

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 15:27
The following is satirical. Republicans are giving Democrats a chance to vote for their own principles and Democrats are furious.

Michael Cohen To Congress: Here’s My ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence Of Trump’s ‘Illicit Acts’

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 15:00
At 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Donald Trump's former "fixer" Michael Cohen, who has been sentenced to three years in prison on multiple charges, including fraud and campaign finance violations, will give his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee in what is scheduled to be a multi-day testimony. His prepared remarks have been released in advance.