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Herman Cain to Senate GOP: No, I won’t withdraw from consideration for a Fed seat

Hot Air - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 23:21

A growing headache for McConnell and maybe for Trump too. Actual headline from the Daily Beast this evening:

I think when Trump first floated Cain’s name for a Fed slot, he expected Senate Republicans would go along without a fuss. And why not? That’s what they almost always do, especially with presidential nominations. In fact, they just got done nuking a Senate rule that required 30 hours of debate for certain nominees, replacing it with one that requires two hours instead. It seemed like they were building a conveyor belt to streamline confirmation of Trump’s picks for key vacancies.

And then suddenly there were four Republicans hinting that Herman Cain’s appointment to the Federal Reserve was dead on arrival.

When Trump was asked whether that opposition would lead him to yank Cain’s nomination, he dodged. He didn’t strongly rebuke the idea but he hasn’t made any moves to throw Cain under the bus either. Instead he left the matter up to Cain, saying that it would be for the nominee to decide whether he wanted to withdraw. But that was risky: What if Cain refused? That would put McConnell and his caucus back on the hot seat in having to potentially embarrass the president by rejecting his nominee. But it would put Trump on the hot seat too by leaving him effectively powerless to yank Cain’s nomination now in the name of avoiding embarrassment. The whole reason populists like Trump is that he’s willing to fightfightfight the establishment; if Cain is willing to fight on against Mr. Establishment Mitch McConnell, how could Trump possibly stand in his way?

A confirmation hearing may be inevitable, then, with Democrats destined to air Cain’s #MeToo dirty laundry extensively and Trump-skeptical Republicans like Mitt Romney destined to scoff at his political independence from the president.

Cain, a former pizza executive and 2012 GOP presidential candidate, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview Wednesday that he is “very committed” to sticking to his potential nomination, saying, “I happen to believe that you need some new voices on the Federal Reserve.”…

Cain stood firm, telling the Journal on Wednesday: “I don’t quit because of negative criticism. I don’t quit because of negative attacks. And I don’t quit because several senators have expressed reservations about my qualifications.”

“What Kudlow was doing was giving me an out, and I appreciate that, but I don’t want an out,” Cain said. “You know that the president is a fighter, and Kudlow is a fighter. They might be getting a lot of blowback from some folks, I don’t know. But I don’t think they’re getting uncomfortable with it.”

He fights! And he’s being smart about broadcasting his commitment to seeing this through. Cain knows that the more public he is about wanting to battle for the seat, the more support for his nomination will grow among the grassroots right and the harder it’ll be for Trump to bow to McConnell’s wishes by yanking the nomination. For example, Cain has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today arguing that the Fed already has enough academics. What it needs, he says, is people who have firsthand business experience with markets who’ll know how to interpret the monetary signals they’re emitting:

The Fed still operates on the “professor standard,” enshrined with Bill Clinton’s nominations of pure academics. Their textbooks say strong economic growth, particularly strong wage growth, causes inflation, which Fed policy should temper. Both the Bush and Obama administrations perpetuated the professor standard, and both presided over income stagnation…

We need new voices at the Fed that understand stable money and know how to interpret important market signals—and that means breaking the professor standard. Monocultures tend to be fragile, but is the Fed so closed off that it can’t handle challenges to its models or the assumptions that feed them? So fragile it can’t consider that the economy is driven by production, not consumption, and that the dollar’s commodity value is important to the real investment that fuels production? I hope not.

Do you want more Ivory Tower eggheads on the Fed or do you want hardnosed business people who actually know what they’re talking about? Which sort of person should the Trump revolution bring to power? He’s making it awfully hard on the White House to cut him loose with arguments like that. And yet:

SCOOP: Trump Administration officials pressed @BankingGOP on @THEHermanCain, @StephenMoore for Fed board; officials found little support for Cain some support for Moore for Fed board; officials concede both nominations in jeopardy amid lack of support more now @FoxBusiness

— Charles Gasparino (@CGasparino) April 18, 2019

Not just Cain but Trump’s other nominee, Stephen Moore, is at risk. I’ve been thinking that the Senate GOP might try to split the baby in this case, rejecting Cain but confirming Moore as a sop to the White House. But that’s politically dicey too. Unless Republicans make a big show of the #MeToo concerns about Cain in voting him down, it’ll be hard to argue that he’s meaningfully less qualified for the position than Moore is. Remember that Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City years ago. Confirming Moore, a white candidate, but not Cain under those circumstances is … bad optics, shall we say. And given how badly Cain seems to want the seat, he might notice those optics and call attention to them.

Here he is on Fox Business, again playing to a Trump-friendly audience by vowing to fight for the seat. If I were a nominee for a Fed spot and one of the knocks against me was that I was too much of a crony for the president to be trusted with that role, I probably would have declined the invitation here to defend Trump on an unrelated, politically supercharged matter like Russiagate.

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10 'Obstruction' Episodes Special Counsel Mueller Investigated

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team examined 10 episodes as part of its investigation into whether President Trump obstructed justice.

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The actress, 43, admitted in an interview that she used to pluck her eyebrows. She followed the 90s trend of plucking the eyebrows super thin. Pictured main is Reese in 1998.

US Falls In Press Freedom Global Ranking For 3rd Straight Year

Newsy - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 23:08

Watch Video

The treatment of journalists in the U.S. dropped into the "problematic" zone, according to this year's World Press Freedom Index

The index, compiled and released by Reporters Without Borders, ranked the U.S. 48 out of 180 countries. It's the third year in a row the U.S. has dropped on the chart. In 2018 the U.S. came in at 45, and in 2017, 43

Reporters Without Borders cites "the effects of President Donald Trump's second year in office" — including what it calls his "notorious anti-press rhetoric" — for the three-point drop. But the president isn't the only reason the U.S. slid into the "problematic" zone. The organization says journalists in the U.S. are facing an "increasingly hostile climate," including death threats and attacks, like last year's deadly shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, that killed five staff members.

President and COO of the nonpartisan Freedom Forum Institute Gene Policinski says it's important to know most journalists aren't "engaged in some ideological fight with the White House."

"Part of this whole debate over 'fake news' and bias reporting, that takes place around this tiny sliver, some small percentage of American journalists at the White House press corps," he said. "Reporters in most communities in America, and even bigger cities, are there to go to those boring meetings that we don't have time or any interest to go to, but on our behalf."

Policinski says it's not too late for the U.S. to move up in the the ranking, but that will take change from newsrooms and news consumers.

"I think this ranking for the Unites States is sort of equal parts reality and warning," he said. "As a consumer, get active, get engaged, know what the facts are, look at multiple news sources."

Reporters Without Borders ranks Norway, Finland and Sweden as the three countries with the most press freedom. Last on the list: Turkmenistan, with North Korea right behind it.

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Giuliani alleged obstruction was an 'intent to not get framed' by the special counsel

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President Trump 's lawyers are sitting on a rebuttal of the special counsel's final report. 'We have not issued and have not determined that we will,' Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said.

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CHRISTINA ODONE: George and Mia will never remember a world without the other one in it. They will grow up knowing, like their parents did, that in each other they have someone to trust, for ever.

Democrats Tried To Obstruct The 2016 Election

Info Wars - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:55
Democrats have been projecting obstruction onto President Trump, yet they are the ones responsible for obstructing the 2016 election.

Mueller Finds Multiple Cases Of Possible Obstruction

Newsy - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:50

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Special counsel Robert Mueller investigated nearly a dozen instances of potential obstruction of justice by President — and even candidate — Trump. 

Those range from publicly pushing back on allegations that Russia was involved in hacking and trying to influence the election to encouraging potential witnesses not to "flip" and to "hold the party line," even appearing to potentially threaten some witnesses on Twitter.

Mueller looked deeply into the president's conduct involving the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the defending of national security sdviser Michael Flynn. He also looked at the president's contacts with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

One of the biggest new findings is around the special counsel itself. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, the president said to him: "You were supposed to protect me. ... I'm f---ed." Former White House counsel Don McGahn told investigators the president ordered him to fire the special counsel. McGahn refused and planned to resign to prevent carrying out what he deemed to be a potentially illegal act. 

The report also found, at several points, the president reached out to the director of national intelligence, the CIA director and NSA officials, and called Comey twice about the Russia investigation despite warnings from White House counsel not to.

On Russia, Mueller found President Trump misled the public, and maybe investigators, on plans to build a Trump Tower Moscow. The president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen told investigators he consulted with the president's lawyers several times before providing false testimony to Congress. They told him to "stay on message" and not contradict the president. They also discussed pardons. 

In the report, the special counsel says the president asked aides on several occasions not to talk about his son's meeting with Russians at Trump Tower. He also edited a statement from Donald Trump Jr. denying parts of the meeting. Cohen testified he believes the president knew about the meeting in advance.

The report also affirms public reporting that the president asked former FBI Director James Comey for loyalty and to let go of the investigation into Flynn. 

Though the special counsel found all of these instances and dismissed some legal defenses from President Trump's team, he declined to rule that the president had, in fact, obstructed justice. He did say that Congress could police obstruction, providing a potential road map for them to do so.

Obama Campaign Manager: Sanders Cannot Beat Trump In 2020

Daily Wire - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:50
Appearing on the Wednesday episode of ABC’s "Powerhouse Politics" podcast, former deputy chief of staff and 2012 campaign manager for President Barack Obama, Jim Messina, stated that he doesn’t believe Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) can beat Trump in 2020.

The Mueller Probe, From Start To Finish

Newsy - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:47

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Attorney General William Barr is expected to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Thursday. The investigation is going on nearly two years. With countless indictments and convictions, we look at how the investigation unfolded from start to finish. 

The ELEVEN times Mueller says Trump’s actions could have been obstruction of justice

Daily Mail - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:43
Special counsel Robert Mueller outlined the investigation of President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, laying out 11 specific instances that his team probed.

Hilarious picture captures giraffe and zebra staging their own Wacky Races at Wiltshire safari park

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In the end the giraffe, 15-month-old Rudy, beat zebra Iebe by a neck at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.

Mary Katharine Ham: The media is dragging the collusion goalposts

Hot Air - Thu, 04/18/2019 - 22:41

I was watching CNN this morning after the Barr press conference and there was a clear interest and focus on the issue of obstruction. Two different reporters were brought on to read excerpts from the obstruction section of the report. Less was said about collusion which seemed odd given that it has been the focus of substantial attention for two years.

Absent from the roundtable this morning was Mary Katharine Ham who might have provided a little balance. But she did appear on the network later in the day and pointed out the way in which the media’s focus had suddenly shifted.

“Look, I hope nobody missed leg day because carrying these goal posts are going to be very heavy if you want to do it for the next 18 months,” Ham said. She continued, “Because the idea coalescing, the idea of collusion which everyone…used for two years as a shorthand for a conspiracy in a large, criminal sense—the idea that we did not use that for that and that that conclusion does not matter and that therefore it’s somehow improper to point out that there was no collusion as we meant it for the last two years I think is an operation in gaslighting.

“There was no collusion. It is good news. It’s great news he wasn’t a foreign asset and that he’s the duly elected president.”

Ham went on to say that on the question of obstruction Trump displayed “bad judgment and often lies.” She added that she was grateful that people around the president had helped to restrain some of his worst impulses. However, she reiterated that the bar for this scandal wasn’t set at bad judgment and lies it was about collusion/conspiracy with Russia, an offense that could rise to the level of treason. The remaining question, Ham said, was how far Congress wanted to pursue an obstruction charge, “that ultimately did not obstruct the investigation.”

To sum this up, the media ran with a very serious allegation for two years about collusion. Now that we’ve got a pretty clear conclusion after a lengthy investigation that no criminal conspiracy existed they are suddenly dropping that to talk about obstruction. But obstruction of what underlying crime? None. And despite Trump’s apparent interest in firing Mueller, what was actually obstructed? As Ham put it, “[Mueller] got access to what he wanted. We have an answer in this report and I think it’s important to take that answer.”

It’s good that at least one person on CNN is saying it.

Video: God bless @MKHammer. She tore into media colleagues and liberals for pushing collusion for two years and now still trying to bury Trump -> "I hope nobody missed leg day b/c carrying these goal posts are going to be very heavy if you want to do it for the next 18 months."

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) April 18, 2019

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Trump At Wounded Warriors Event Declares 'No Collusion, No Obstruction'; WATCH How Crowd Responds

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On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr released the redacted final report by Robert Mueller.

Tina Fey Slams Today's 'Ugly Political Climate,' Then Admits Not Wanting Sarah Palin on 'SNL' in 2008

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Former Saturday Night Live cast member Tina Fey lamented today's harsh political climate, in a recent interview saying that it is a shame that late-night talk show hosts are met with backlash when they have Republicans on. Yet back in 2008 she did not want to share the screen with former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Google issues MEASLES warning to staff after infected worker visited campus

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A Google employee from San Mateo County visited the company's offices at 1295 Charleston Road in Mountain View (pictured) on April 4 while sick with measles, as workers there learned last week.

Steny Hoyer Said Impeachment ‘Is Not Worthwhile,’ Left-Wingers Freaked

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House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) reacted to the release of the Mueller report by arguing impeachment 'is not worthwhile.' That did not sit well with much of the left.


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