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Tiny droplets of matter that made up the early universe created in the lab

Daily Mail - 4 hours 22 min ago
A team led by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder have created droplets of the primordial soup that was created after the Big Bang. They found droplets can take on three shapes.

Social media tops print as news source for Americans:...

Daily Mail - 4 hours 23 min ago
Social media has overtaken print newspapers as a news source for Americans, researchers at Pew found.

Establishment looks to crush liberals on Medicare for All (Adam Cancryn/Politico)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 25 min ago

Adam Cancryn / Politico:
Establishment looks to crush liberals on Medicare for All  —  The united front that helped Democrats save Obamacare just a year ago is falling apart over single-payer health care.  —  Deep-pocketed hospital, insurance and other lobbies are plotting to crush progressives' hopes of expanding …

Mother drowns in freezing pond while trying to rescue her dog

Daily Mail - 4 hours 26 min ago
Tracy Cashman, 38, had taken her Goldendoodle Lola for a walk near her home in Wyoming, Michigan on Saturday night when she fell through a frozen pond and drowned.

Italian Leader Blames Macron for French Riots

Info Wars - 4 hours 27 min ago
Tells EU to pay attention

Now They’re Coming For ‘The Sound of Music;’ Here’s Why…

Federalist Papers - 4 hours 28 min ago

The hills are alive with the sound of…hysterical liberal screeching. Now crazed leftists are going after “The Sound of Music” for offensive imagery. Can you guess why? If you’re sane, probably not. The New York Daily News reports on this latest bit of insanity from so called educators: Nazi props were temporarily declared verboten in…

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Meryl Streep on Why People "Should Be Afraid" of Trump (Hilary Lewis/Hollywood Reporter)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 30 min ago

Hilary Lewis / Hollywood Reporter:
Meryl Streep on Why People “Should Be Afraid” of Trump  —  The acclaimed actress raved about ‘A Star Is Born’ and other awards hopefuls when she joined Stephen Colbert for the ‘Late Show’ host's annual Montclair Film fundraiser.  —  Meryl Streep is a three-time Oscar winner and considered by critics to be the greatest living actress.

At least 16 Trump associates had contacts with Russians during campaign or transition (Marshall Cohen/CNN)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 30 min ago

Marshall Cohen / CNN:
At least 16 Trump associates had contacts with Russians during campaign or transition  —  Bernstein: Trump ‘boxed in’ by Mueller filings  —  These communications came in the form of face-to-face meetings, phone calls, text messages, emails and video chats.

UK PM May postpones vote on Brexit deal with EU (Associated Press)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 30 min ago

Associated Press:
UK PM May postpones vote on Brexit deal with EU  —  The Latest on the debate over Britain's impending departure from the European Union (all times local):  —  The pound has fallen further after British Prime Minister Theresa May canceled a vote on her Brexit deal and struck a defiant tone in an address to parliament.

Stocks Plunge After Top Dems Announce Plans To Remove Trump From Office And Arrest Him

Info Wars - 4 hours 31 min ago
As nationalism and populism spreads like wildfire across the planet, the globalists are making their last stand in America - Alex Jones and his team report.

Supreme Court passes on Medicare case in victory for Planned Parenthood

UPI - 4 hours 33 min ago
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a legal victory to Planned Parenthood, opting not to hear an appeal concerning the rights of Medicare recipients.

Pope Decries Denying Unborn Children ‘the Right to Come into the World’

Breitbart - 4 hours 36 min ago
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Pope Francis condemned the ongoing violations of many rights, and first among them, that unborn babies are denied the right to life through abortion.

Uber driver 'attacked police with a samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace' 

Daily Mail - 4 hours 36 min ago
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 27, drove his blue Toyota Prius at a marked police van outside the palace (pictured) and reached for the blade on 25 August last year, the Old Bailey heard.

Sarah Hyland reveals she has had a second kidney transplant

Daily Mail - 4 hours 38 min ago
Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has revealed she underwent a second kidney transplant in 2017 after the first failed.

Barely living 'zombie' bacteria in Deep Earth are made up of 15 to 23 billion tons of carbon

Daily Mail - 4 hours 39 min ago
On the eve of the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting in Washington, scientists revealed how much life is in the deep subsurface of Earth.

YouTube Bans Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes (Will Sommer/The Daily Beast)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 40 min ago

Will Sommer / The Daily Beast:
YouTube Bans Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes  —  YouTube banned Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes on Monday, marking the latest social-media blow for the man who started the far-right men's group.  McInnes had amassed more than 220,000 subscribers on YouTube before the ban …

Extremely Rare Content – Dem Plan To Take Down Trump Revealed! Censored Video Archive

Info Wars - 4 hours 42 min ago
Share this page to spread the internet's most banned content and remember, you are the resistance!

McCarthy on Russia Investigation: 'I See Nothing' -- 'There's Nothing There'

Breitbart - 4 hours 44 min ago
Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commented on the ongoing Russia investigation. McCarthy said he does not see anything resembling President Donald Trump colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. “There is nothing there that is impeachable,” McCarthy argued. “I see nothing,” he added. “Everything they’ve laid out, I think, builds the case that there is nothing there. You’ve had the House, you had the Senate, you’ve had Democrats even say there is nothing there. They wanted something to be there but there is nothing there. … Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate, she got beaten, and we need to move on. The country, I think, has a lot of challenges before us and we should work on solving the problems.” (h/t RCP Video) Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Challenge to Public Funding of Planned Parenthood (Jack Crowe/National Review)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 45 min ago

Jack Crowe / National Review:
SCOTUS Declines to Hear Challenge to Public Funding of Planned Parenthood  —  The Supreme Court on Monday declined to review lower-court rulings that prevented pro-life activists in two states from ending public funding for Planned Parenthood.  —  Conservative justices Clarence Thomas …

Search expands for missing Colorado mother Kelsey Berreth

Daily Mail - 4 hours 47 min ago
Mother-of-one Kelsey Berreth, 29, was last seen at a Safeway store near her home in Woodland Park, Colorado, on November 22.


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